Another month has come and gone here at Morgan Middle School, filled with temperatures similar to those of the arctic tundra. The lost and found is filled to the brim with thick winter coats and scarves, dropped in obscure locations around the school. It seems fitting that the theme for the month of January was “Teamwork and Perseverance,” as it took large amounts of both of these qualities just to make it through the snow to the bus stops each morning!

January was filled with plenty of activities, one of which was a make up dance held just over a month after the December Christmas Dance, which ended quite suddenly with a weather-caused power outage. (The nerve of the weather, interrupting middle school romance!) Students were allowed to come in casual dress (to the relief of many), although several still took the opportunity to dress up. Between the dancing, and shortened classes, the day was definitely a fun one!

MMS was also proud to host the “Beat Bob” assembly. Bob Holmes, a volleyball player and motivational speaker, took the opportunity to raise awareness of teen suicide, an increasingly serious issue for students. He shared eye-opening examples, as well as buzzer-beating spikes and serves. Students left the gym with a better knowledge of how precious life can be.

Only one day after the “Beat Bob” assembly, students and teachers went head-to-head in a volleyball battle. Each of the grades organized a girls’ team and a boys’ team, giving the teachers six chances to test their physical capabilities. One by one, the teams were pitted against their mentors in what can only be described as a battle of the ages.

After the teachers won five of the six games, the scene was a dismal one. The gym erupted into cheers as the eighth grade boys’ team marched their way confidently onto the court. The teachers seemed to realize that their winning streak might be in jeopardy, but they were determined not to go down without a fight. Evaluating their assets, they placed P.E. teacher Mr. Barlow in a position that would help him beat the odds. Unfortunately for them, the boys decided to choose that moment to display their “teamwork and perseverance” and lead their team to victory.

The month was ended with the Netsmartz assembly, which instructed students on Internet safety. It was held in the Morgan High School auditorium, where a projector screen was used to show pictures and videos of unsafe Internet use.

The cold and snowy month of January turned out to be a great one at Morgan Middle school. Students are excited to find what the new month will bring in our school where everyday is lived ABOVE THE LINE!

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