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School district administration tallies survey results


Morgan School District officials are mulling over each and every open-ended comment residents left in an online survey meant to measure public sentiment about an upcoming bond.

Some 1,028 respondents took the 20-question online survey in December.  Superintendent Doug Jacobs tallied all 346 comments, noting that 48 of them were supportive in nature. 

In order of most to least comments, other topics included the need for more commercial and impact fees (23); the need for more information (22); a desire for no more taxes because of fixed incomes (19); the suggestion to add to current buildings (18); requests for a new high school (16); the desire to pay teachers more (15); the dichotomy of Morgan vs. Mountain Green (14); negative comments about the Trojan Center (13); overall dissatisfaction with the district (11); the desire to hold the district accountable and not hand over a blank check (8); references to a band-aid approach (8); repulsion to a grade five through eight configuration (7); air conditioning and heating needs (6); mentioning the control of county growth (6); the desire to have online courses (5); steering away from extravagant buildings (4); administration salaries being too high (4); the new school board being uninformed (1); the superintendent thinking “everything’s coming up roses (1); and the mention of year-long seminary (1).

The $32 million school bond will be on the November ballot.  If passed, the owner of a $300,000 home in the county would see a yearly tax increase of $180 in 2020.  The bond would pay for the construction of a new middle school for grades 5 to 8 in Mountain Green as well as a kitchen and two-story classroom addition at Morgan High School.

This month, design committees comprised of Morgan parents, teachers, school board members, school principals, kitchen managers and district administration visited Salt Lake area schools built by NJRA architects.

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