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Celia is a bubbly girl who can always be seen with a warm smile on her face. She is very active and likes to participate in various sports like basketball, volleyball and cross-country. With her adventurous nature, Celia enjoys trying out new roller coasters, skiing and horseback riding. Apart from trying new experiences, Celia also likes to spend time indoors, watching movies and listening to music. She has recently traveled to Pennsylvania, Washington and New York.

Celia is eager to start a new journey during her study abroad program at Morgan High School through Quest Exchange.  As her sophomore year of high school swiftly approaches, Celia has yet to be placed with a host family to call her home away from home. If you have room in your home and room in your heart, consider becoming a host family or local coordinator for Quest Exchange.

All of Quest Exchange’s students have their own medical insurance, laptop, cellphone and spending money during their program abroad. For their time and generosity, host families receive a monthly stipend. Local coordinators are also provided a stipend for their commitment well.

As a non-profit organization, Quest Exchange serves more than 100 students and is partnered with over 120 U.S. schools, since 1999. We are dedicated to helping students gain an unforgettable education while participating in a rewarding cultural experience.

During students’ stay in the United States, young scholars are placed with loving host families who give their time to helping the student experience our American way of life, while bringing a piece of the world into their homes and communities. Quest local coordinators provide extra support and students gain a friend and mentor during their program. Local coordinators work closely with the Quest Exchange National Office staff to ensure all participants have a positive experience.

Quest provides service through personal connections with each student, host family and local coordinator to ensure transparency and support. With a 24-hour emergency line, the Quest office is always prepared to lend a helping hand for any situation.

Please contact Annie Liu at annie@questexchange.org or (415) 665-3900 for more information on how to become involved with Quest Exchange and help Celia gain an unforgettable experience.

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