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Fourth grade’s farm field day


The fourth grade students of Morgan and Mountain Green Elementary Schools came together on Sept. 27, 2017, for an awesome Farm Field Day.  This took place at the Morgan County Fairgrounds and was put on by the Morgan High School FFA.

At Farm Field Day we learned about the FFA and the watershed.  FFA stands for Future Farmers of America.  You can join the club when you are in high school.  You also can get a snazzy jacket that has your community and state on the back of it. 

The water shed guy showed us a model of what happens if we don’t keep our town and water clean.  We should not use a lot of fertilizer, so that people downstream can have good water.  We learned a lot about the FFA and the watershed.

We also learned about cows and bees.  Cows drink about 32 gallons of water a day.  Cows have four stomachs.  They eat and then swallow and the food goes through the first stomach.  They spit it out and eat it again and it goes through the other stomachs and then comes out. 

We also learned about bees.  Bees communicate by dancing.  We got to touch wax and the comb.  Did you know that bees never sleep because they are always working?  When the queen bee comes out, she stings the other queen bee’s eggs.  The boy drone bees marry the queen and then die.  The drone bees only live for about 45 days and the queen bee lives for about 7 years.

We also learned about soil.  There are different types of soil which are sand, silt and clay.  We learned that soil keeps our plants healthy. 

At another station we learned about 4-H.  Our class learned about the different breeds of cows, pigs, and sheep.  At this station, we learned about all the different kinds of body parts in a cow.  We learned a lot from these two stations.

The petting zoo and sheep were a great part of Farm Field Day.  The dogs were also a great part of the day.  We got to learn their names and pet them.  When they were shearing the sheep, the people had to fight the sheep to the ground to shear them.  We also got to bring some of the wool home.  It was so soft.  After that we got to pet the bunny.  It was so soft and so cute, we could die!  Petting the bunny was a highlight of our day.  We also really liked holding the chicks.  They were so adorable and soft and their claws were super tiny.

The fourth grade had a great time at Farm Field Day.  We would like to thank the FFA and all the presenters for such an awesome day!

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