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Homecoming events build school unity


Last week at Morgan High School, there was something called “Homecoming.” During this week, there were many fun activities both during and after school. During school we had “’Murica” Monday, Tourist Tuesday, Wild West Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday and Spirit Friday.

There were many crazy, amazing, and sometimes, hilarious dress-ups. On “Murica” Monday, one student had her hair colored red, white and blue with sparkles with American flags in it. It brought a whole new meaning to “show your colors.”

Wild West Wednesday was pretty crazy as well. I did participate in this one because, first of all, who wouldn’t, and second of all, I love to ride horses so this was right up my alley. Thrifty Thursday was full of ‘80s dress-ups. I was forced by my parents to participate in this event because my dad still had some shirts that were actually from the 80s.  They thought it was fun, but my friends were so confused.

There were also the after-school activities. The three I participated in were the Color Run, street painting and the homecoming parade. The color run was fun and, well, very colorful. I let myself get hit with all the color possible near the end. The clothes I wore are colorfully stained and it took a while for all the color to get out of my hair, but it was worth it.

I am in the choir, so I helped paint a treble clef in the street during the street painting activity. It was pretty great and I was amazed looking at all the beautiful artwork that everyone created. There is so much talent at Morgan High! I found out the hard way, if you mix teens with paint, you basically get a paint war. Afterward, students were covered in paint hand prints of all colors. They all had a lot of fun with that.

There were many great floats at the homecoming parade.  My personal favorite was the team of  Clydesdales. It was evident that there was a lot of work that went into these floats. The parade is all about getting everyone fired up for the game, and it does just that. Being a freshman, this was my first year participating in these festivities. Homecoming was a fun event that I’d encourage anyone to be a part of as part of their high school experience.

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