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Letter to the Editor – School Bond


Dear Editor,

I am writing to voice my opposition to the school bond.  While it is clear we will need renovations to the high school and a new middle school in the near future, the current proposal is unacceptable.

After the failed Levy vote in 2013, the school board and new superintendent wisely created a Growth Committee to examine the problem of our aging infrastructure and increasing enrollment.  The committee did a fine job of assessing the needs and recommended a bond for $25 to $29 million.  However, the proposed school bond is asking for $50 million.

It is outrageous to ask for almost double the amount recommended by the Growth Committee.  Maybe the BMW crowd here is so flush with cash that they are not bothered by this loose spending.  But my family and most of the people I know have to live within their means.  The school district should too.

Another issue is that by far the biggest supporter of the bond is Hogan Construction.  Their $8000 contribution is more than all the other donations combined.  This appears shady.  Is the district going to have a fair bidding process or does Hogan Construction have this locked up already?

Lastly, the proposed location for the new middle school is awful.  Once the interchange goes through commercial development will begin along Trapper’s Loop.  It is a bad idea to build a junior high right next to a commercial zone.  To make matters worse, the school will have to be accessed by going through Rollins Ranch.  It will cost $1 million just to build the access road to the school.  This is wasteful.

The school district should put the brakes on the current proposal.  Come back with a bond in line with the Growth Committee recommendations and you will have my support.  But for now, I am voting NO.

Jim Bledsoe

Mountain Green

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