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How does Morgan stack up compared to other counties across the nation?


When comparing Morgan County to other counties throughout the state and nation, it often comes out on top or bottom, depending on what is being measured.

At https://public.onlyboth.com/app/counties/home, you can compare any U.S. county to other counties across the nation.  The county benchmarking engine pulls data in from federal as well as private sources.  The link was recently featured on The County Seat TV as well as Mountain Green Women facebook group.

So, how does Morgan County stack up?

Of 3,143 counties in the United States, Morgan County boasts the third most Mormons (88.9 percent), the third fewest adults without a high school diploma, the sixth lowest poverty rate for children, and the eighth lowest overall poverty rate (4.6 percent).

Of the 448 counties in the Western United States, Morgan County has the fourth fewest arrests per thousand residents for Part 1 offenses.

The site also details how Morgan County stacks up compared to the other 29 counties in the state.

Morgan County has the highest white non-Hispanic population (96.1 percent) in the state as well as the most owner-occupied housing (2.4 percent) rate.

Of all the counties in the state, Morgan has the fewest arrests per thousand residents for Part I offenses and property offenses, as well as all offenses.  It also has the lowest Caribbean-born (0.5 percent), Native American (0.1 percent), and Hispanic (2.4 percent) populations.

Morgan has the second highest per-capita income ($28,193) and second highest median household ($82,597).  It is also the second lowest for Mexican-born population (0.3 percent). The county has the second lowest unemployment rate (3.1 percent) and second lowest deep poverty rate for children.  Morgan is the third least obese (22.2 percent) county in the state.

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