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Meet The Candidates – Julie Bloxham


Bloxham, Little on ballot for city mayor

Both have extensive knowledge of city government

1. Name: Julie Lee Bloxham

2. Age: 60

3. Previous political experience:

I have not previously held any political office.

4. Any other previous experience you believe qualifies you for the job:

I was employed by Morgan City for 34 years, recently retiring in April.  My position as city recorder required me to attend City Council and RDA meetings. I was responsible for financial records.  I did the monthly reconciliation of all accounts and would prepare the financial statements for the mayor and city council.  I was the ex-officio auditor and assisted in the yearly audits.  I wrote numerous grants for projects throughout the City.

As a result of attending meetings, I am aware of what has occurred on many projects and other items within the City.

5.  What do you believe is the most pressing issue facing Morgan City right now?

Economic development is always in the forefront of issues the city faces. However, if I have to pick one item it would be infrastructure. We need to ensure our water, sewer, electric, streets, parks and other infrastructure systems are in good condition and meet the needs of our citizens.

6.  How would you handle this issue if elected?

Due to recent issues with the sewer and electrical systems, some steps have been taken to upgrade.  I would work with council members and employees to continue working toward the repair and/or replacement of infrastructure as needed.  There needs to be capital investment plans in place for maintenance and future upgrades, and budgets should have money assigned to cover costs.  It is essential to our quality of life and to be able to attract businesses to have infrastructure that is maintained.

7.  What is your opinion of bringing a hotel to Morgan City?  Do you think it is worth continuing to pursue this project in the future?

A hotel would be very beneficial to the city.  However, I have seen several studies that have concluded it is not feasible at this time.  The nightly occupancy rate has to be over 60 percent for the development to survive.  I am not in favor of the City using taxpayer funds as an incentive to the developer.  There are certain incentives directly related to the hotel such as transient room tax, sales and property taxes that could be given.  I feel that when a hotel is feasible, a developer will approach the city and will not be requesting hundreds of thousands of dollars to locate here.

8.  What makes you the best candidate for this position?

Mayor Ray Little is a good person and has been a friend for a lot of years. I do not like to consider myself “better” than him.  If I am elected, I will bring a different perspective to the position and would focus on different priorities than are currently being looked at.

9.  Anything you want to add:

It would be an honor to serve the citizens and if elected, I would ask anyone who has questions, concerns or just wants to give input to please contact me.  I will always be willing to listen.

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