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Letter to the Editor – School Bond


Dear Editor,

A school bond proposal has been presented to Morgan County voters. This bond has been heavily scrutinized by residents. That’s what responsible citizens do…they ask questions, research the issues and make informed decisions.

I am not blind to the financial burden this bond will place on residents and businesses. Like you, our household budget will be impacted by the tax increase. Nor am I unsympathetic to the challenges the school district faces due to rapid student growth and aging infrastructure.

The majority of school districts across Utah, including Morgan, are facing challenges associated with growth. Our four existing schools are being used beyond capacity. Older portions of Morgan High School are severely deficient in meeting the needs of students and teachers. With the rapid population growth occurring in every corner of Morgan County, we can no longer kick the can down the road when it comes to classroom sizes.

The school board and administration have competently researched and presented the issues surrounding the bond. It’s time for us, as Morgan residents, to take action by voting to fund the schools used in educating the youth in our community.

Ballots regarding the bond have been mailed to registered voters in Morgan County, and must be postmarked or returned to the county clerk’s office no later than Tuesday, Nov. 7.

I am voting in favor of the bond, and respectfully ask you to do the same.

Diana Windley

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