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MHS volleyball seniors: a sisterhood


Last week, the Morgan Trojans won the region title in volleyball for the 25th straight year. This week, they’re hoping to pick up the school’s 18th state championship, including an amazing 15 state titles under head coach Liz Wiscombe.

The Morgan County News sat down with Wiscombe and this year’s seven senior players to find out a little more about their experiences at Morgan High School.

First, what does Wiscombe think of this year’s crop of seniors?

“It started out at team camp,” she said. “These kids love their music, they love to dance, and they have a good time wherever they go. I think that’s awesome because sometimes in sports we get so wrapped up in Xs and Os. When these guys are in the gym, they work really hard. But they play really hard, too. I’ll always remember that about them. They’re just a fun group to be around. They like each other, they get along well, and they really, totally support each other. I have really enjoyed this year’s group.

“We’re together a lot,” Wiscombe added, “and they’ve been together a ton, so it’s really fun if they can enjoy being around each other and helping each other and lifting each other up. They get excited for each other when somebody does something well. They’re just a special group that way.”

Hannah Farr (#24)

How long playing volleyball? “Since I was in fifth grade.”

Other sports/hobbies? “I pretty much just spend my time in the gym. But I also love being outdoors and going to the beach.”

Why Number 24? “I usually had a 2 or a 4 in my number (in club volleyball), and in my freshman year, I got 24, and so I just chose 24 after that.”

What do you enjoy about MHS volleyball? “The coaches, the environment, all the traditions. But especially the coaches. They do everything for us and I can’t thank them enough for everything they do.”

Favorite memory? “One of my favorite memories was during my sophomore year. We went up to the Weitzeil’s cabin. It’s a tiny cabin, but we all packed in there and sat around in a circle and we all talked about how much we loved each other and how much we wanted to take state. We all cried together. My sister was on that team and I had grown up with all those seniors that year. It was the feel of family that we had. It was just really memorable.”

Future plans? “I recently committed to play volleyball at Weber State. I think I want to study something in business.”

About being the younger sister of former Gatorade Player of the Year, Jaiden Farr: “My sister is my role model. I look up to her. She’s my favorite person. Coming up behind her, I’m really proud to call her my sister. Once she graduated, she had all the accolades, but it’s my time now. She’s on her path and I’m going to do mine.”

Baylee Loertscher (#6)

How long playing volleyball? “I started playing club when I was 12, but I played all the way through elementary school.”

Other sports/hobbies? “This year I’m doing track and last year I played softball. It just varies with what I feel like doing. I like being with my friends; watching movies.”

Why Number 6? “I’ve been No. 6 since I played Little League Baseball. I think my mom was 6 in college.”

What do you enjoy about MHS volleyball? “Oh, everything. It is my favorite thing to do. Coming from a town where volleyball means nothing, and then playing with Morgan is just so much fun.”

Favorite memory? “Playing with my family, like (twin sister) Brooke, and (cousins) Anna and Abbie (Cox). It’s just been way fun being with them.”

Future plans? “I plan to play college volleyball. I’m talking to a bunch of schools, so I don’t know where yet. I want to major in physical therapy and become a physical therapist.”

About playing on the team with sister and cousins: “You couldn’t ask for anyone better to play with. We know each other so well, and know each other’s habits. We get along on and off the court. It’s just fun to play with them and get to know them even better. We have a fun relationship.”

Brooke Loertscher (#5)

How long playing volleyball? “My whole life, since fifth or sixth grade.”

Other sports/hobbies? “I used to play basketball, but I do softball and a little bit of track.”

Why Number 5? “I’ve always liked No. 4, but it was taken (by Josey Jacobsen). So my cousin’s whole family all wore No. 5, and her mom had cancer, so (as a sophomore) I just took that number to support her and have been wearing it ever since.”

What do you enjoy about MHS volleyball? “Just making friends, and the competitiveness is great. You don’t get that anywhere else.”

Favorite memory? “Taking state the last two years and getting to know the girls. Just the friendships I’ve made.”

Future plans? “Right now it’s kind of undecided. USU-Eastern has been looking at both me and (twin sister) Baylee to play there. If not there, then I’ll probably go to Snow College for two years and then transfer to Dixie and go into nursing.”

About playing on the team with sister and cousins: “I’ve loved it. We (cousins) didn’t get along very well before we moved here, but now we’re the best of friends. So it’s been good for our relationship.”

Beth Pobanz (#10)

How long playing volleyball? “Since I was about 11.”

Other sports/hobbies? “I run track and am (a student body officer) and I’m on the seminary council.”

Why Number 10? “I had it picked for me, but it’s become my lucky number.”

What do you enjoy about MHS volleyball? “All the traditions and the team spirit we have, and that we’re all sisters and family.”

Favorite memory? “Probably when we were in California and we were all sitting in a circle, singing together, and there was just a lot of sisterhood, and you could just tell that we were a family after that. We bonded a lot.”

Future plans? “Go to Utah State and major in business and marketing.”

About playing volleyball while having so many other responsibilities: “Overall, it’s one of the best decisions I ever made, to play this year. I thought I was going to be so stressed with everything else I had. But I tried to prioritize volleyball and it was worth it.”

Kendall Sommers (#3)

How long playing volleyball? “Since I was 7.”

Other sports/hobbies? “I was playing basketball, but just took it down to one sport and started playing only volleyball. Definitely less stressful (than playing both). My family is big into hunting, so I love hunting, fishing, camping, 4-wheeling, anything outdoors.”

Why Number 3? “I just started out with it my freshman year, so I stuck with it.”

What do you enjoy about MHS volleyball? “That it’s more of a team sport than an individual sport like club. And all the memories.”

Favorite memory? “Our California trips.”

Future plans? “I’m currently going to DATC to be a medical assistant. So I want to finish that out and go further in that.”

About being on a team with so many good players: “I think we all see each other as something different. We each have our different role in playing. We all contribute.”

Marcie Jo Stapley (#9)

How long playing volleyball? “Ever since I can remember. Probably fourth or fifth grade.”

Other sports/hobbies? “I’ll continue playing basketball and I’ll still throw for track (shot put and discus). If I can, I’ll try to throw javelin, but I want to keep my good arm for college volleyball.”

Why Number 9? “My freshman year, (a No. 9 jersey) was on a bench inside and they gave it to me. And it had significance because Aubrey Saunders was No. 8 and we looked so much alike. People would mix us up. It was a fun thing, so I kept it going.”

What do you enjoy about MHS volleyball? “Coach Wiscombe. She is the best coach I’ve ever had and will probably ever have. She’s taught me so many things about volleyball and outside of school. I also enjoy my team. I love them to death.”

Favorite memory? “There are honestly too many to count. My favorite is probably going to state and the feeling you get. And then after winning the state championship, all of us together, knowing that all of our hard work paid off and then seeing Vicky (Walker’s) champion dance at the end of the night.”

Future plans? “I will attend Snow College playing volleyball, and then hopefully I’ll get recruited up to play at a bigger school. I hope to go into something in the medical field, like nursing.”

Why Snow College? “Honestly, it reminded me of Morgan. I had a lot of other opportunities, but at Snow, the coach is amazing. He cares for me as a person as well as a player, and the girls were outstanding when I went down there. They treated me like family. I just had a great feeling about it, and I went with my gut, and my family supported me, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Dani Wortman (#22)

How long playing volleyball? “Since I was 9 years old.”

Other sports/hobbies? “I run track and I snowboard in the winter and hike in the summer.”

Why Number 22? “My freshman year I started out as 20, and I stayed 20 until this last club season when I switched to 22, for my sister (Kennedy).”

What do you enjoy about MHS volleyball? “Just how much of a family we are. We’re just one big unit. Even off the court we’re just always spending time together.”

Favorite memory? “Last year at state (in the championship game against Desert Hills), we were 23 and (Desert Hills) was 18, and I just looked over at Baylee (Loertscher). I was playing right back and she was playing left back, and we both started crying because we knew we were going to win.”

Future plans? “I want to attend West Point (U.S. Military Academy) and major in criminal justice and work for the FBI. I’ll play volleyball there (with sister Kennedy) for three years.”

About her house nearly burning down in recent Uintah fire: “I remember I didn’t come to school that whole day and then I came to practice, and it was so hard for me. The next day we had a game against Lone Peak and I just knew that we had big competition and that I had to get my head in the game. During the week I stayed with a friend (Rachael Rasmussen) here in Morgan like I normally do, so I just pretended like nothing happened until I had time to deal with it, so that I could focus on the game. It just burned our property, but the house itself is fine.”

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