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‘Footloose’ to open at MHS Nov. 15


By Summer Pentz

The Morgan High School Drama Department has been been “workin’ so hard they ain’t got the time to kick off their Sunday shoes” in preparation for their upcoming musical, “Footloose.” With performances coming up in November, the drama department has been preparing since school started.

“We have rehearsals from about 3 to 6 everyday, Monday through Friday,” commented Caleb Roundy, cast to play the role of Ren McCormack, one of the main leads. “Of course, most of the cast doesn’t have to stay for the entire time. But the lead characters stay usually for the majority of those three hours,” he included.

A lot of work goes into the musical, everyone plays their own important role in preparation. Especially the technicians–one of whom being Elise Cobabe, the sound manager. “I play the music and figure out the specific cues that determine when the music starts. When the actor speaks dialogue, I have to stop the music and after they’re done speaking, I keep the music playing.”

Another person working behind the scenes is Charlotte Wilde, the assistant director. “I oversee a lot of stuff by observing. So I watch the choreography get done and keep things in check,”she shared, describing one of her many roles.

According to the Morgan High School theater director as well as the director of the musical, Jana Timpson, the students work hard on the musical due to a personal connection they feel with the piece. “-it’s a topic they feel invested in. Footloose is all about personal freedom, and I think that high school students as well as humans in general really relate to that idea.”

“Footloose” performances begin on Nov. 15, starting at 7 p.m., and will continue to play until the 20th. “We are putting our hearts into this and I’m really excited. I want to do well and I want people to see that we’ve worked hard for this. This play is about individuality and expressing yourself. Often times, the world doesn’t let us express ourselves, but we should be able to,” Caleb Roundy expounded on what the audience will get out of watching “Footloose.”

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