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4-H Celebrations


By Nicole Reed

Morgan County 4-H Program Coordinator

In October, we love to recognize the accomplishments of our members and leaders. It is also a great way to celebrate the end of one 4-H year and the beginning of another. On Oct. 3, we held our annual 4-H Achievement Night.

During this celebration, we recognized the following people:  Horse Council Members, Livestock Council Members, the 4-H Extension staff, Teen and Junior Teen Council Members, Livestock Ambassadors, State Officers, State Ambassadors, Cloverbud members, first year 4-Hers, 10-year 4-Hers, State Fair qualifiers, State 4-H Horse Show qualifiers, Grand and Reserve Champion exhibitors, 4-H Leader Years of Service Awards, and 4-H Volunteer Awards.

All of these awards are a great honor, but the most prestigious ones are our 4-H Volunteer Awards. These awards are given out to individuals, families and organizations that through a nomination process were found to be outstanding leaders and members in the 4-H program. They are recognized here at the county level and then the nominations are given to the state for judging. If awarded there, the winners will receive an award at the 2018 Leadermete event.

This year’s award recipients were Kacie Straw, Hailey Clark, Rhonda Morgan, Jennifer Wixom, Becky Lucas, the Morgan County Council, and Keith and Amy Johnston.

Kacie Straw, SALUTE TO 4-H VOLUNTEERS: recognizes a volunteer who has provided outstanding service to 4-H.  County recipient will be honored at the State 4-H Awards Banquet.

Hailey Clark, SALUTE TO 4-H YOUTH VOLUNTEERS:  Recognizes a 4-Her who was enrolled in 11th or 12th grade on Jan. 1 of the current program year who has provided outstanding leadership and service to 4-H.  County recipient will be honored at the State 4-H Awards Banquet.

Rhonda Morgan, 4-H ALUMNI OF THE YEAR:  Recognizes an alumnus who continues to live up to the 4-H motto, “Make the Best Better” by providing outstanding volunteer service to the 4-H program. 

Jennifer Wixom, 4-H MENTOR OF THE YEAR:  Recognizes a volunteer who serves, either formally or informally, as a mentor to fellow 4-H club leaders in the county, providing the support needed to motivate, encourage, educate and/or recognize other volunteers.  County award recipient is nominated for the State 4-H Mentor of the Year Award.

Becky Lucas, CLOVER KEY AWARD:  The KEY to 4-H growth lies in new, committed and creative leaders.  This award recognizes new leaders with service from 1 to 5 years who have provided outstanding service to 4-H.  County award recipient is nominated for the State Clover Key Award.

Morgan County Council, DOORKNOB AWARD:  Recognizes a volunteer who has “opened the door” for the 4-H program through special outreach, marketing, or other efforts.  County award recipient is nominated for the State Doorknob Award.

Keith & Amy Johnston, 4-H FAMILY OF THE YEAR: Recognizes a family who has demonstrated outstanding involvement in and service to 4-H.  County winner is nominated for the State 4-H Family of the Year Award.

Congratulations to all of award recipients. We love to see all the impacts that the 4-H Program has in people’s lives and their families!

On Oct. 24, we held our annual 4-H Horse Awards Banquet. Each year 4-H Horse members have the opportunity to participate in three county horse shows, do service projects and help with fundraisers. Their performance in each of these areas helps them to qualify for the awards given out at the awards banquet.

This year’s award recipients were:

Top Fundraiser: Owen Clark;  Top Portfolio in each age group: Juniors-Owen Clark, Intermediates-Carissa Haddock, Seniors-Tosha Turner; State Qualifiers: Landon Haddock, Kambree Turner, Summer Rich, Ashlyn Noss, Kamry Wardell, Ty McMillan, Carissa Haddock, Carter Sanders, and Tosha Turner; High Point All Around in each age group: Juniors-Owen Clark, Intermediates-Paysen Carter, Seniors-Tosha Turner; 4-H Horse State Team: Owen Clark, Jenasi Noss, Tiffany Chappell, Clayton Sanders, Haley Gorham.

Another event that takes place during this awards banquet is the election of the new Morgan County 4-H Horse Council. Members of the 2018 council are: President Kacie Straw, Vice President Jennifer Haddock, Secretary Sherie Carter, Treasurer Lisa Clark, Show Secretary Geni Rowser, and Youth Council Members: Kambree Turner, Paysen Carter and Tiffany Chappell.

The 2016-2017 4-H Year was one full of many memories and accomplishments. We look forward to seeing what the 2017-2018 4-H year will bring.

For more information about enrolling in 4-H, joining a club and projects offered, please contact the Morgan County Extension Office at 801-829-3472. Also check us out on Facebook: USU Extension-Morgan County 4-H and our webpage: extension.usu.edu/morgan.

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