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Choirs perform classics and recent hits at fall concert


On Oct. 24, choirs from both Morgan Middle School and Morgan High School performed at their annual fall concert. 

The high school auditorium was filled with rustling dresses and the flashing of cameras.  As Mr. Butts, the choir director, raised his baton, the students took an audible breath, then the melody of the beginning boys choir chimed in with their Kazoo Koncerto.  As one choir ended, another choir began.

This year’s concert was divided into two sections, a part one featuring Morgan Middle School choirs and part two consisted of Morgan High School vocalists. This helped to assure that there was room in the auditorium for every parent and grandparent who wanted to see their stars of the stage.

Many of the students sang solos or accompanied one of the choirs on the piano.  Skylar Carter played accompaniment on “Frog Kiss’n,” an adorable rendition of the Chet Atkins and Ray Stevens favorite that had the audience tapping along.

Soloists included Jace Wilden, Jacob Pinkcock, Kayden Martinson, Parker Stanley, Spenser Johnson, Kaleb Bowles, Parker Stanley, Payton Bird, Keldan VanLeer, Josh Peterson, Erin Kobe and Haley Bess.

All-state vocalists performed their rendition of “Unclouded Day,” for those who were not lucky enough to see it at the original performance.

We are very fortunate to have so many musically talented youth in our community.  The music teachers and students practice for hours in order to have successful concert evenings.

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