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Morgan students join all-state choir


By Verlene Johnson

Early in October eight talented students from Morgan High School Ovation were selected to be go All-State Choir.  All-State Choir is a where any high school in the state of Utah selects their best singers to participate in the choir that consists of nearly 600 high school students.  Depending on the size of the school depends on how many students you can send. Morgan High was able to send one student from each section. Breanne Andersen (Alto 1), Emily Browning (Alto 2), Kara Weight (soprano 1), Haley Bess (soprano 2), Spenser Johnson (Bass 2), Josh Peterson (Bass 1), Tyson Turner (Tenor 2) and Andrew Roundy ( Tenor 1).

Most of the students were given their music at the first of September.  However with the change in choir teachers at Morgan High, these students were not given their music until mid-September. With less than a month to have six pieces of music completely memorized, these students worked before school, during their lunch and a two Saturday rehearsals. Each one of them were able to pass the memorization test, with Morgan High being the only choir teacher that was not given notes to give back to his students for where they needed to work on.

On Oct. 12 and 13 they traveled down to Taylorsville High School to rehearse with the nearly 600 students for hours. During one of their lunch breaks, some of the Morgan High students won a singing contest at Chick-fil-a. The video can been seen on Chick-fil-A Taylorsville’s Facebook page. They received free ice cream for coming up with the best chicken song.  Then on Saturday, Oct. 14 they traveled to Salt Lake City to rehearse and then perform in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. 

Spenser Johnson said, “The only thing better than singing in the historic Tabernacle was having three days of being conducted my Dr. Ryan Murphy,” associate conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle choir and director of the Temple Square Chorale.

Breanne Andersen said, “It was a really cool opportunity to have Dr. Murphy as our director becaue he is really talented.”

After Saturday afternoon rehearsals some of the parents were able to meet up with the students and have dinner at the Olive Garden, where the parents enjoyed getting to know each other.  With a full Tabernacle, the nearly 600 students under the direction of Dr. Murphy sang with gusto the six musical numbers they had worked so hard on.  They had the opportunity to sing a song arranged by Dr. Murphy, and one that he wrote called, “Let All the World in Every Corner Sing.” Dr. Murphy also took the time to autograph every piece of music. 

Students and parents were heard saying that it was over all too soon. Tyson Turner said it was a great experience. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for these eight students.

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