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UNICEF Trick-or-Treat


The Morgan High School Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF event was a huge success, thanks to the efforts of club and community members alike.

UNICEF, which stands for the United Nations Children’s Fund, is an international organization working in over 190 countries to provide safe shelter, relief from disasters, education, and nutrition primarily for children.  It describes its efforts in this way: “UNICEF has helped save more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization by providing good nutrition, clean water, and affordable vaccines to the world’s most vulnerable children… We work for the survival, protection and development of children worldwide through fundraising, advocacy and education.” 

On Halloween, club members went around the community trick-or-treating for money donations for UNICEF.  Stephanie Toney, a student participant, described how simple it was to raise money for a great cause.  She said, “We just basically went to a bunch of houses.  A lot of people didn’t know a lot about it but once we told them what it was and showed them the [UNICEF] website, people knew it was a real thing and wanted to donate.”

GinaTia Buchanan, president of the Morgan High School UNICEF club, is also very excited about the results of the Trick-or-Treat event and grateful for the community support.  She said, “I’m really happy with how well it was received this year.  It was just awesome because the community knew more about it and was more willing to donate.”

With a goal of raising $1,000, the group was very pleased with its overall earnings of $2,009.  This money will go primarily toward helping children who have recently been affected by hurricanes.  The club is extremely grateful to all of the community members who contributed to the cause.

Buchanan is also looking forward to future years of trick-or-treating; because of the positive feedback the event received this year, she is hopeful for its continued growth.  “We want to keep that momentum for next year.”

Currently, the UNICEF club has a few more activities scheduled for the year, which include raising money at basketball games and possibly hosting a school-wide activity.  These next fundraisers will provide vaccinations for children, and prevent children from using orphanages and voluntourism as sources of money.  Overall, the Morgan High School UNICEF club is grateful to the community for its continued support in building up a piece of an international cause.

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