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Morgan High graduate granted visit with President Trump


By Courtney Bergman
The Morgan County News

This spring, the Texas A&M Equestrian Team, including Morgan High graduate Madison Bohman, won their 12th national championship where the Aggies dominated the competition over the course of a four-day event by winning 54 out of the 62 points up for grabs.
Although the Aggies’ equestrian program is known for bringing home championships, this title was unique in that for the first time in the sport’s history, the team was recognized by the White House and President Trump for their contributions and accomplishments.
In a Texas A&M media relations article, Head Coach Tana McKay said, “There have been other equestrian national champions, but this is the first time that the sport has been recognized by the president and the White House. That in itself is a huge honor, not only for our school being recognized, but also for our sport. It validates all of the hard work that we have put into this sport. We are extremely excited and humbled to even be part of it, and it is a great experience for the student-athletes and the staff. It is something that we will never forget.”
An important contributor to the team’s success was Morgan native Madison Bohman. The daughter of Brent and Glenda Bohman, Madison has been highly involved in equestrianism since she was very young. Participating at Graceland Equestrian Center, she honed her riding skills, specializing in the event of reigning, which shows off the agility and athletic ability of both the horse and rider. Her superior riding skills allowed her to earn several NCAA titles. Following her graduation from Morgan High School in 2014, Madison earned a scholarship to attend Texas A&M, riding for their equestrian program.
Madison has been critical in helping her team compete against the top schools in the nation, leading to this year’s record-breaking championship title. In recognition of their stellar achievements, the White House invited Madison and her teammates to visit. They were personally congratulated by President Donald Trump. The team in turn presented Trump with a customized pair of Texas A&M cowboy boots, which Madison indicated was one of her favorite events of the trip, as well as her visit to the Oval Office. She and her teammates felt extremely honored to not only represent their school, but also the overall sport of equestrianism and hope this recognition will allow others to understand the level of athleticism and dedication required to be successful in this particular sport.
Madison’s future plans include continuing to participate in her beloved sport after graduating this spring. However, her primary goal following graduation is to attend medical school, where she is hoping to begin a new career as an anesthesiologist.

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