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Mountain Green Fire awards citizen commendation

Concrete truck driver personally stopped growing wildfire weeks after Uintah incident


Just two weeks after a wildfire ravaged Uintah, a semi-truck accident in Weber Canyon started a fast-moving brush fire.  Due to a concrete truck driver’s quick actions, the outcome of that fire was much more minimal.

On Wednesday, the Mountain Green Fire Protection District awarded Jerod Call, a JB Parson Concrete employee, a Citizen Commendation for being instrumental in stopping a growing wildfire with water from his own cement truck.

On Sept. 18, at approximately 12:30 in the afternoon, Call was traveling west on Interstate 84 in his concrete truck when a semi-truck hauling truck tires overturned virtually in front of him on the sharp curves just past exit 92 in Mountain Green. When the truck overturned, the trailer caused a power pole to be taken down and the electric line started a fast-moving brush fire.

Without regard for his safety, Call positioned his concrete truck, pulled the hose line from his water tank, and began dousing the fire.  The driver of the semi was unhurt and self-extricated through the shattered windshield.

When fire district units arrived on the scene, the fire was under control and Call was trying to mitigate the hectic scene of tires all over the roadway.

The Uintah Fire of just two weeks before was fresh in the minds of the responding firefighters, and they were relived that a citizen’s quick action had helped stop a small fire from quickly becoming a much larger one.

Mountain Green Fire Chief Lester Stone and Assistant Fire Chief Brian Brendel, who was the officer in charge on the initial arriving Engine 131 from Mountain Green on Sept. 18, awarded a Citizen Commendation to Call at the JB Parson Batch Cement Plant in South Weber Drive.

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