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Snowbasin ski bus to skip Morgan County this year


A UTA ski bus will be rolling through the county on the way from Davis County to Snowbasin during the winter, but not making a stop in Morgan, at least not this year.  The Morgan County Council voted Dec. 5 to not provide a Morgan stop this year, but to look into the logistics needed for the stop next year.

Cannon said she has been approached recently at various venues including the Wasatch Front Regional Conference and the Utah Association of Counties to see if Morgan would be interested in participating in the ski bus route.  Mountain Green citizens are also trying to get the county to participate, several of whom spoke out during the Dec. 5 meeting.

At issue is the location of the Morgan County stop—including Kent Smith Park, behind Old Farm Market or along Old Highway Road—that must have ADA compliance.  If located on Old Highway Road near Trapper’s Loop, a cross walk would be necessary.  However, UDOT officials are hesitant to approve the cross walk. Federal approval would be needed on any temporary bus stop.

The spot would need to be available for public parking, plowed free of snow with a paved path and blocked-off parking, while also allowing ample room for a bus turn-around.  Council members said they would likely not be able to figure out these issues before Dec. 15.

“We can do this next year,” Councilman Austin Turner said.  “It is too much to resolve now.”

Davis County pays $32,000 for the service, and the costs of the stops are split among the participating entities.  If Morgan wished to be a stop this year, they would have had to pay Davis County $6,000.  Council Chairman Ned Mecham said he would rather ski bus users pay for the service rather than the county.

The bus helps alleviate crowded parking conditions at Snowbasin for 74 days from Dec. 16 through April 2.  Of those 74 days, Snowbasin considers 33 of them “peak” days.  If Morgan would have participated, there would have been four stop times including 8:23 a.m., 10:23 a.m., 2:37 p.m. and 4:37 p.m.

Fliers for the Davis County-Snowbasin UTA route, Bus 677 from Layton, have already been printed, and did not include a Morgan County stop.  Bus 675 runs between Snowbasin and Ogden through Ogden Canyon.  Advertising would have to be word-of-mouth only this year.

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