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City and county list project priorities


Morgan County and Morgan City have recently compiled their lists of projects that, if funded by the Community Impact Board Fund through various grants and loans, would be of highest priority.  They shared their lists at a recent Council of Governments meeting this week.

Highest on the county’s list are a remodel of county building restrooms for ADA compliance ($70,000); ADA remodel of Croydon Park restrooms ($35,000); ADA remodel of county fairground restroom ($40,000); Morgan Valley Drive road project ($400,000); sewer improvement to county fairgrounds ($250,000); emergency equipment shed ($200,000); and improvements to the fairgrounds ($250,000).

Highest on the city’s list are a sewer headworks project ($2.8 million); Island Road electric substation ($750,000); Imperial Drive and fairgrounds electric ($260,000); 125 North road/water rebuild ($450,000); South Morgan Cemetery shed and equipment building ($120,000); land acquisition for parks; and North Morgan water tank and main ($1.5 million).

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