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City employee recognized for going above and beyond


At the Dec. 12 Morgan City Council meeting, employee Lance Prescott was presented with his Road Scholar certificate.

The Utah Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) offers a “Road Scholar” program that includes training on flagger certification, heavy equipment safety, jobsite/workplace safety and roadway drainage.  Prescott passed all these courses as well as all the courses for his “Road Master” certificate, which includes courses such as asphalt maintenance, communication skills, storm water and roadway materials.

After choosing three more elective courses, Prescott will be awarded with his Road Master certification and plans on taking other elective courses past that requirement just to make sure he is up on all the latest information. Elective courses include important information on topics such as ADA ramp fundamentals, management, traffic control, blue stakes, bridge evaluation, chip seal practices, pedestrian safety and winter road maintenance, among many other things.    

“I appreciate him and his attention to professional development. It’s something that I feel is very important. He did this in a short time; he had to get into all the right classes at the right time. We don’t deal with most of these situations a lot, but we are expected to know how to handle them when they do come up,” praised Morgan City Manager Ty Bailey.  Mayor Ray Little added to that sentiment, stating that “Lance not only brings expertise with him, but he is also always willing to step up and learn more. He has a common sense approach to things that should be commended.”

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