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MHS wrestlers staying busy on the mat

Chase Trussell wins 1st place at Reno Tournament of Champions


The Morgan Trojans wrestled a number of matches the past week beginning with a tri-dual on Dec. 13 in Evanston, and ending with another tri-dual in South Sevier on Dec. 19 with the two-day Jody Warren Tournament in the middle for some and the Reno Tournament of Champions for others. 

The grapplers will have a break for the holiday moratorium from Dec. 22 to Dec. 26 before they return to the mat for practice on Dec. 27.  Wrestling competition resumes on Jan. 3 with a home meet against 2017 3A State Champion Juab.  Come out and watch Morgan wrestle in their second-to-last home match of the season against a great Juab team. JV begins at 5:30 p.m. and varsity will start at 6:30 p.m.

Evanston Tri-Dual

On Dec. 13, Morgan traveled to Evanston, Wyom., for a tri-dual against Evanston and Bear River.  The Trojans defeated Evanston 49-27, but fell to 4A Bear River 41-30.  Several wrestlers had two wins on the night although none of the wrestlers came away with a pair of pins. 

Morgan vs. Bear River

Results:160: Antonio Nava (MHS) over Wyatt Johnson (BRHS) (Dec 11-6) 170: Chase Peterson (MHS) over Wyatt Larsen (BRHS) (Fall 1:03) 182: Jaxon Howard (BRHS) over Hayden Stuart (MHS) (Fall 1:30) 195: Zachary Miller (BRHS) over (MHS) (For.) 220: Chase Trussell (MHS) over Carson Bywater (BRHS) (Fall 2:32) 285: Laramie Strong (BRHS) over Weston Stegelmeier (MHS) (Fall 5:20) 106: Zackery Bingham (BRHS) over Wayletn Pentz (MHS) (Fall 0:30) 113: Scott Robertson (BRHS) over Joseph Mecham (MHS) (MD 16-3) 120: Zachary Smith (BRHS) over (MHS) (For.) 126: Jarett Jorgensen (MHS) over Cristian Sanchez (BRHS) (Fall 1:40) 132: Chris Payne (MHS) over Zack Folkman (BRHS) (Dec 11-7) 138: Isaac Rees (MHS) over Corbin Kierstead (BRHS) (Fall 2:30) 145: Easton Winward (BRHS) over Isaac Ware (MHS) (Dec 8-4) 152: Rex Westmereland (BRHS) over Taylor Bearnson (MHS) (MD 14-0).

Morgan vs. Evanston

Results: 106: Waylen Pentz (MHS) over Brandon VanGieson (EHS) (MD 8-0) 113: Joseph Mecham (MHS) over Nena Sowers (EHS) (Fall 3:16) 120: Isaac Saavadra (EHS) over (MHS) (For.) 126: Jarett Jorgensen (MHS) over Kendell Cummings (EHS) (Dec 15-9) 132: Chris Payne (MHS) over Rowdy Saavadra (EHS) (Fall 1:15) 138: Isaac Ware (MHS) over (EHS) (For.) 145: Spencer Belinski (MHS) over Rigden Wagstaff (EHS) (Fall 1:24) 152: Saige Synan (EHS) over Taylor Bearnson (MHS) (Fall 0:25) 160: Antonio Nava (MHS) over (EHS) (For.) 170: Hayden Stuart (MHS) over Rylie Griggs (EHS) (Fall 4:21) 182: Pablo Escalante (EHS) over Chase Peterson (MHS) (Fall 1:22) 195: Gavin Simmons (EHS) over (MHS) (For.) 220: Chase Trussell (MHS) over Joseph Williams (EHS) (Inj. [time]) 285: Eric Orozio (EHS) over Weston Stegelmeier (MHS) (Dec 5-3).

Jody Warren Duals

Morgan traveled to Weber High School Dec. 15-16 for the Jody Warren Duals.  Each wrestler, varsity and JV, was able to get in seven matches during the two-day event.  Four duals were contested on Friday afternoon/evening and three other duals were Saturday.  Morgan faced Star Valley (WY), Bear River, Copper Hills, Sky View, Tooele and Weber.  Star Valley won the first-place trophy with a win in the final match of the final round against Bear River. 

Reno Tournament of Champions

Coach Dustin Rock and Assistant John Rock took four 2017 State Placers from Morgan to compete in the challenging Reno Tournament of Champions on Dec. 15-16.  Seniors Antonio Nava, Chris Payne and Chase Trusell, along with sophomore Jarrett Jorgensen, traveled to Reno to test themselves against some of the best wrestlers in the West and nation.  Over 114 teams from California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Canada descended on Reno to determine the champions in each weight class.  Nava, Payne and Jorgensen wrestled some tough matches in the early round and then consolation round, but eventually were beat out.  The Trojans’ Chase Trussell won first place in the 220lbs weight class with a resounding 10-1 victory in the championship match.  (Look for an in-depth interview with Trussell next week.)

South Sevier Tri-Dual

On Tuesday, Dec. 19, the team traveled to Monroe to wrestle its first 3A competition of the season, South Sevier and to also face off against 2A powerhouse Millard.  The trip was a success with several wrestlers getting valuable experience on the mat.  Morgan lost a close match to Millard 34-33 and beat South Sevier 39-24.

Morgan vs.  Millard

Results:  106: Hector Martinez (MLRD) over Waylan Pentz (MHS) (Fall 1:47) 113: Joseph Mecham (MHS) over Trenton Penney (MLRD) (Fall 3:15) 120: Jarett Jorgensen (MHS) over Van Bray (MLRD) (Fall 6:00) 126: Chris Payne (MHS) over Spencer Sorensen (MLRD) (Fall 4:36) 132: Hayden Anderson (MLRD) over Montana Cragun (MHS) (MD 14-4) 138: Isaac Ware (MHS) over Wyatt Taylor (MLRD) (Dec 12-7) 145: Slade Sheriff (MLRD) over Taylor Bearnson (MHS) (Fall 2:12) 152: Daniel Garcia (MLRD) over Tom Howard (MHS) (Fall 5:40) 160: Antonio Nava (MHS) over John Whitaker (MLRD) (Dec 19-17) 170: Hayden Stuart (MHS) over Kyle Perkins (MLRD) (SV-1 9-7) 182: Johnn Kelly (MLRD) over Chase Peterson (MHS) (Fall 0:09) 195: Bridger Fullmer (MLRD) over (MHS) (For.) 220: Chase Trussell (MHS) over Calun Whitaker (MLRD) (Dec 7-2) 285: Weston Stegelmeier (MHS) over Christopher DeGraffenried (MLRD) (Dec 6-4).

Morgan vs. South Sevier

Results:  106: Waylan Pentz (MHS) over Haden Sorensen (SSEV) (Fall 0:40) 113: Joseph Mecham (MHS) over Parker Brian (SSEV) (Fall 3:39) 120: Jarett Jorgensen (MHS) over Weston Amos (SSEV) (Fall 3:05) 126: Chris Payne (MHS) over Triston Fillmore (SSEV) (Dec 6-3) 132: Montana Cragun (MHS) over Brilee Lamprecht (SSEV) (Dec 11-9) 138: Cannon Fuellenbach (SSEV) over Isaac Ware (MHS) (Fall 2:29) 145: Chase Christensen (SSEV) over Taylor Bearnson (MHS) (Fall 3:34) 152: Jett High (SSEV) over Tom Howard (MHS) (Fall 5:30) 160: Antonio Nava (MHS) over Hunter Cornelius (SSEV) (Fall 1:56) 170: Wyatt Morrison (SSEV) over Hayden Stuart (MHS) (Fall 3:36) 182: Chase Peterson (MHS) over Scott Thomas (SSEV) (Fall 1:44) 195: 220: 285: Weston Stegelmeier (MHS) over Kemmer Jones (SSEV) (Dec 7-4).

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