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Morgan City initiates fees for code enforcement


Morgan City residents will now have a fee associated with non-compliance of code requirements.  Residents will first receive a written notice giving them 10 days to contact the city regarding the code violation.

“If a resident cannot comply within the 10-day period, all they need to do is give me a call letting me know their plans to comply,” said City Manager Ty Bailey. However, if a letter is sent and there is no communication of compliance, there will be a fee attached. “There is no charge until there is non-compliance,” assured Bailey.

The fee schedule will be $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second. “This will not only work to cover our costs for city staff to enforce the codes, but it should work as a disincentive to not comply with the code.  If someone has an issue with the ordinance as it is written, or it doesn’t fit their circumstance, they will have a chance to come to the council and be heard,” stated Bailey.

He continued saying, “The system is set up to keep our codes updated, to make sure that what is going on out there in the community is what the intent of the current council is. It gives residents a chance to avoid the legal side, if possible.”

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