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Happy 150th birthday, Morgan City


By Cherril Grose

Morgan Historical Society Board Member,
South Morgan Precinct

We invite you to join with the Morgan Historical Society to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the incorporation of Morgan City.  The Historical Society wants to help you learn more about our unique town and to increase your love for the town in which you live.

Watch the windows on Commercial Street for pictures of how the stores and street appeared in earlier years.  Morgan had a very busy, thriving commercial district soon after the construction of the railroad in 1868.  Many towns have lost their original main streets; we are fortunate that many of our historic buildings still exist.

Also watch The Morgan County News for a snippet of Morgan City history each week.  Morgan has a very interesting past that is uniquely its own.  Some parts of the history are surprising, some are funny, and some are serious, but they all add up to create the town we live in today.

For your fun and entertainment, check out the Morgan County Historical Society facebook page, where you will find a treasure hint of Morgan City’s architectural and location treasures.  We hope this will get you out and noticing things about our city that you hadn’t noticed in the past.  All ages may participate, or you can join the hunt as a family activity.  More information will be given about prizes and rules at a later date.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the wonderful buildings that were part of early Morgan, there will be a walking tour brochure available in the spring of 2018.  These can be picked up at the participating businesses or the Historical Society Office, which is located in the Morgan County Library.  Plan to get out and explore to learn about your town.  The more you learn, the more you will love where you live.

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