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Giving Tree Project assists Morgan families


By Christine C Carrigan

With much assistance from our wonderful community, Morgan High School FCCLA/FFA/NHS groups just completed its annual Christmas service project for needy families in our community.   A giving tree was set up at Ridley’s Foods, and as usual the members of our community are absolutely AWESOME!

We had wonderful support from everyone in community. The high school collected money.  The Mountain Green elementary helped collect presents.  Morgan Elementary helped the FFA collect food items.  A group of anonymous community members purchased gift cards and presents for our families.

As part of our giving tree project, the high school students had the opportunity on Dec. 4, 2017, to go to Farmington Station and be part of the build a bear workshop for charity.  Each student paid $12 to attend the event and the money was used to make bears for the children on our giving tree. We were able to purchase 40+ bears and donated many of them to The Lantern House in Ogden as well as give them to the children on our giving tree for Christmas.  We had the most wonderful time and we encourage all students who want to make a difference in the life of a child to participate in this project next year.

This Christmas Season we were able to help 24 families in our community to have a very Merry Christmas.  We would like to thank the members of our community for their generous donations of time, money, food and gifts to our project. We made a huge difference in people’s lives this Christmas season.

It is truly wonderful to live in Morgan County and share the spirit of the season with such loving, giving and generous people. Thanks to you all for your generous support of this very worthwhile project.

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