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Letter to the Editor – Eagle Scout Project


While working towards my Eagle Scout, I was thinking seriously about one of the requirements which was a project that was supposed to benefit many people and allow me to practice my leadership skills.

I didn’t really have an idea, so I looked around, made phone calls, and looked on the internet for suggestions.  Then someone suggested doing humanitarian kits. 

I kept thinking about it, I made some phone calls, and found out the prices.  All this had been happening in December. 

After I got it okayed, I found out that that I had to turn in the school kits on the second of January.  I was a little nervous about the time limit, but I committed. We went fundraising for a week or two, then put the kits together, and here I am with some lifelong lessons and skills that will, I hope, benefit me and others

While driving into Zimbabwe, Africa, several people came across the first Domo tribe they had seen, which contained about 405 households.  They were able to help these people medically, also with food and clothing, but they were limited.  So a month later in June 2017, this group of people returned with more supplies, clothing, blankets, dentists and last but not least, a agricultural specialist to assess their best farming options.

Long story short, volunteers have built an expecting mothers shelter, found another tribe, and meanwhile have been sending over food, clothing, animals, blankets, farming supplies and more supplies for the expecting mothers shelter.  The really awesome thing is that the people of Zimbabwe are occupied in helping with much of the construction of the shelter by making the bricks for the buildings. 

Many of the Africans tell the humanitarians “You have given me life.”  What a powerful way to express yourself!  Horace Mann says “to pity distress is but human; to relive it is godlike.”

As I was collecting the items to go in school kits, I was very thrilled to see how many people were ready to help improve people’s circumstances.  Although we are not able to relieve the distress of these poor people in Zimbabwe the same way the humanitarians did, we can add to their life.  I would like to thank the donors publicly, as well as acknowledge that more people would have donated gladly, except that the need was filled so quickly.

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Eric Riddle

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