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FFA Spotlight – Jacob Harris


By Holden Petty

This FFA member spotlight is for Jacob Harris. Jake has had many achievements throughout FFA.  He said that his greatest achievements in FFA were his State Degree that he got last year, and becoming a Chapter Officer.  He is currently the Treasurer of the Morgan FFA Chapter. 

Jake said that being an officer has taught him patience as well as leadership; he also said that being an officer has taught him so many communication skills.  His current SAE is in the area of Diversified Agricultural Production.

Through his employment at Morgan Ranching, Jake is able to help in many aspects of the beef cattle operation, and growing the crops to help sustain that operation. Jake works year round watering crops, feeding cattle, and doing whatever is asked of him.

After graduating this spring from MHS, he is planning to attend Utah State University.  At Utah State he plans to get his associates in the Agricultural Mechanics area so that he can work on tractors and farm equipment that has broken down.

During this interview I ask him why he joined FFA.  He replied that the main reason he joined FFA was because of the wonderful example his older brother set for him.  He said that he would always remember the times when his brother would come home from an FFA activity and tell him of how much fun it was.  Jacob is so happy that he joined FFA and is grateful for all of the friends he has made.

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