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Nine local positions on packed 2018 ballot

Candidate filing period March 9-15


Do you know these names:  Councilman John Barber, Sheriff Blaine Breshears, Councilwoman Tina Cannon, Clerk/Auditor Stacy Netz Clark, Attorney Jann L. Farris, Councilman Ned Mecham, School Board Member Kelly Preece, School Board Member Ted Taylor, Councilman Austin Turner, and Utah Representative Logan Wilde?

They all have one thing in common.  Their current positions will be on the November 2018 ballot.

A myriad of high caliber seats are up for grabs in the election later this year including four Morgan County Council seats, three county elected officials, two school board seats, and a state house of representatives seat.  County candidates may collected needed signatures between Jan. 2 and March 15 in order to file for candidacy between March 9 and March 15. 

Candidates must also pay a filing fee.  School board candidates must pay a $50 filing fee.  County council candidates likewise must pay a $50 filing fee, but additional fees will be calculated based on the annual salary and term length.  The total council candidate filing fee will be $170.  There are no filing fees for school board positions.

• State House of Representatives District 53, currently filled by Rep. Logan Wilde.  After a June 2016 primary election that resulted in recounts and a court battle, Wilde ousted Mel Brown, then the longest-tenured member of the Utah House.  Wilde plans to file to retain his two-year seat, deciding this time to go through the Republican caucus instead of collecting signatures, as he did last time.  He will join candidates seeking election in the other 74 legislative districts throughout Utah. According to 2012 information provided at www.utahsright.com, Brown was paid $30,224 including all benefits and miscellaneous earnings.

• Attorney, currently filled by Jann L. Farris.  Farris first began serving as the county’s attorney in April of 2006.  He ran unopposed in 2014.  He has lived in the county for 15 years.  According to 2013 information provided at www.utahsright.com, Farris was paid $130,432, a figure which includes benefits.

• Clerk/auditor, currently filled by Stacy Netz Clark.  Clark was first elected 19 years ago, then known as Stacy Lafitte.  Before that, she worked as deputy clerk/auditor for two years.  Gross pay in 2013 for Clark was $87,501.

• Sheriff, currently filled by Blaine Breshears.  Breshears has served as Morgan County’s sheriff for two four-year terms.  He has worked in the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office in several capacities for the last 21 years.  He has lived in the county for 38 years.  According to 2013 gross pay figures, Breshears was paid $107,388.

• Morgan County Council at-large, currently filled by Ned Mecham.  Mecham has served for seven years.  He ran unopposed in 2014.    He is a fourth generation Morgan County resident.  As the current council chairman, Mecham earns $2,500 per month.  The council vice chair earns $2,300 a month while other council members are paid $2,000 a month.

• Morgan County Council District 1, currently filled by Tina Cannon.  Cannon has been serving on the council for over three years, being first elected in 2014.  She has lived in the county for 18 years.  An accountant, her past political experience includes service as Morgan County Republic Party Chairwoman, a state delegate, the county party’s secretary and vice chair, and State Republican Party State Budget Committee member. 

• Morgan County Council District 2, currently filled by John Barber.  Barber was first elected in an unopposed 2014 race and has been serving for over three years.  He operated a Morgan business for three decades before retiring and became a county resident nine years ago.

• Morgan County Council District 5, currently filled by Austin Turner.  Turner has served on the council for the last five years.  As an appointed councilman, he ran unopposed in 2014.  His career includes experience as a truck driver, EMT and reserve police officer.

• Morgan County School Board District 2, currently filled by Ted Taylor.  Elected in 2014, he has served for over three years.  Taylor claims an extensive history in the county, having graduated from Morgan High School and lived in the county for 46 years.  His mother, wife Debra, and six children all graduated from Morgan High.  School board members get paid $3,000 annually ($250 each month) and are eligible for the same health insurance as district employees.

• Morgan County School Board District 4, currently filled by Kelly Preece.  In May of 2016, Preece was appointed to fill a vacancy created by Mark Farmer’s departure.  He has now served on the school board for a year and a half.

Local candidates will jump on an otherwise packed 2018 ballot including:

• District Court—There will be a retention election for four Second District Court judges in the Second Judicial District, which consists of Davis, Morgan and Weber counties.

• Juvenile Court—There will be a retention election for two judges in the Second Judicial District, which consists of Davis, Morgan and Weber counties.

• U.S. Senate, currently filled by Sen. Orrin Hatch.  Hatch has announced his retirement while hopefuls are eyeing the six-year seat.

• U.S. House of Representatives Congressional First District, currently filled by Republican Rob Bishop.  Candidates will vie for a two-year term in the U.S. Congressional First District, which consists of Box Elder, Cache, Daggett, part of Davis, Duchesne, Morgan, Rich, Summit, Uintah and Weber counties.

• State Senate District 18, currently filled by Ann Millner.  Candidates will vie for a four-year term in District 18 located in Davis, Morgan and Weber counties.

• State Board of Education, currently filled by Terryl Warner.  Candidates will vie for a four-year term for District 1, located in Box Elder, Cache, Morgan, Rich and Weber counties.

• Ballot Proposition HJR 7 (2017) Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – Active Military Property Tax Exemption.

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