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Reprint of Mountain Green history available


By Carol Ralphs

Mtn Green Precinct Rep.

Many Morgan residents will be happy to learn that the Morgan County Historical Society is spearheading republishing “Mountain Green the Beautiful.  This is a great history of a wonderful area of our county. 

This book was first published in 1985, with most of the historical information gathered by Muriel R. Shupe.  The book contains great pictures as well as many informative, memorable stories written by Mountain Green residents who have since passed away.  As Muriel Shupe wrote about the book, it is “A Salute to the Early Pioneers.”

There is a good chance that this will be the last time this book will be reprinted.  The book will not be hardbound, like the original.  It will be spiral bound. The cost will be $35, which must be paid when you place your order. 

If you are interested in purchasing a book, please contact Carol Ralphs – 801-876-3228.  You can also place your order at the Morgan County Historical Society office located in the back right corner of the Morgan County Library.  The office is open Monday through Thursday noon until 5 pm.

The last day to order your copy is Feb. 11, 2018.  Again, payment must be made when you place your order.  Delivery is expected about the first of March.  This is a great opportunity to be able to hold a history of our area in your hands and appreciate many of the early pioneers in the Mountain Green area and their contributions  to create this beautiful place we call home.

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