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Construction begins on MHS addition


by Jennifer Vesper

On Jan. 29, it was clear that the school district wasted no time moving forward with construction on the new addition to Morgan High School. With weather this time of year being uncertain, it is important to take advantage of the good days while we have them.

Construction is slated to be completed entirely on both the MHS addition and the new Mountain Green Middle School by the end of 2019, however, as with any construction project timelines may need to be adjusted along the way.

Fencing around the current MHS construction area will close off the two main entrances in front of the high school as well as the southwest entrance for the duration of construction. The new construction area will eliminate all parking to the front and south side of the school. The east rear doors will now become the main entrance.

Buses will drop off and pick up students behind the high school in the student parking area. This is bound to cause some initial confusion, so parents are urged to plan for extra drop-off time and exercise a little patience with each other and the busses. Superintendent Doug Jacobs noted that to assist with the congestion, “There will be some adjustment in school start and end times at MHS and MMS as we spend the next week or so determining what is working and what isn’t.” Currently, high school students are being excused at 2:25 p.m.

Because it takes some time to figure out the most efficient and safe traffic pattern, it will take a few more days of observation before a specific traffic pattern can be presented, but watch the district website and The Morgan County News facebook page for updated information.

Students will not be allowed to park anywhere aside from the rear parking lot until the construction is complete. This parking lot is already full, so no additional parking passes will be sold. A letter to parents stated, “We encourage students to ride the bus, car pool or be dropped off to help with our parking situation.”
At this point, students and parents are asked to enter and exit the back-parking lot through the far east entrance. The school resource officer will be on hand to help with parking.

There will be very limited parking for visitors located against the south-east wall behind the school. If parents need to check students out of school, the district asks that you call ahead and have your student meet you at the rear entrance.

Jacobs noted that “Lack of adequate parking for faculty and students is our biggest challenge. We plan to relocate the four portables behind MHS in June. This will create additional parking stalls.”
Seminary students will cross back to the high school further down the street by the greenhouse, re-entering the school through the north entrance.

“We are excited to see the projects get underway. The weather has allowed the process to begin a few weeks earlier. All of the construction bids were lower than projected and the contracts have been signed,” said Superintendent Jacobs.

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