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Letter to the Editor: “I believe it is time for us to have a pool in Morgan again.”


What are your treasured memories of your childhood?  Did you run around barefoot in your yard chasing your dog or cat?  Did you ride your bike around the neighborhood with your friends?  Do you remember the basketball pick-up games at the park or in your driveway?  What about swinging the bat and watching the ball sail far over second base, getting the perfect homerun?  Maybe you remember playing in the neighborhood pool, and your summer swimming lessons.

All of these things remind me of the glorious summers I had in Morgan.  Yes, even the neighborhood swimming pool.

Como was the pool and it was a perfect place for me to spend my summer days.  I don’t think my mom even stressed about summer coming and our 12-week break from school, because she had a plan.  She would get us up early, plan our chores and get us all going.  Then an early lunch was served and, if we had completed everything, we could spend the rest of the day at the pool.

My siblings and I spent hours at Como.  It was our home away from home.  We would play tag, dive, swim and sunbathe.  It was where we would meet up with our friends and enjoy the summer.  I would watch my brothers do awesome swan dives.  My sisters, of course, would do perfect dives with all kinds of acrobatic prowess, entering the pool with hardly any splash at all.

All of this fun would end daily at 4:30 p.m. when our paper route would call us home to finish our work.  Then after dinner, when Dad came home, back to Como we would go.  Dad would swim slow leisurely laps on his back and just enjoy the calmness of the water while he let the stress of work go.

I had an amazing childhood.  I always had things to do thanks to Como and the Heiners (the owners of Como).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our youth had this same opportunity?  We now have a high school swim team, but they spend an extra hour every day driving to Ogden to practice.

This is not just about the youth.  The adults and senior citizens in our community could also enjoy the benefits of water exercising and relaxing.

I believe it is time for us to have a pool in Morgan again. If you would like to participate in the process to help bring a pool to Morgan, please join me to discuss this issue Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 7 p.m. in the Morgan County auditorium.  All are welcome!

– Mindy Wheelwright

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