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Annual Daddy Daughter Dance Fundraiser a Huge Success


By Rebecca London

On Thursday, February 8th, the gym at Morgan Elementary School was filled with a beautiful array of girls dressed in their best and anxiously awaiting the magic of the evening. The occasion was the 4th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance. Whether they were accompanied by their dads, grandpas, brothers, uncles or another all these little ladies had one thing in common; the smile on their face as they arrived at the dance.

The dance was originally held and continues to be a fundraiser for the PTO of Morgan Elementary.  It has been growing in popularity since the beginning year and is definitely the biggest money maker that the PTO holds.  Over $2,000 was raised for Morgan Elementary that night. The dance includes music by a DJ, a Sundae bar, and a carnation for each girl to take home at the end of the night. Principal Jensen said that it was such a nice evening and you can obviously tell that it is a huge deal for all the girls that come.

In talking to the parents, many love this event and love supporting it. One of the moms, Penny Pincock whose three daughters attended, stated, “My girls always look forward to it. It’s a wonderful way to make memories and support the schools! Good clean fun!” “This event has become a wonderful tradition. My daughters look forward to it each year. It will be a very special memory for these little girls for years to come!” commented Andrea Brooks. One of the dads weighed in with, “It was a fun night with a lot of proud dads! The daughters seemed excited to have so much of their dad’s attention! You can tell that a lot of work went into the night.”

A group of girls was asked, “What do you like about the Daddy Daughter Dance?” Here’s what followed:

“The dance was outstanding. I like dancing and getting pictures with my daddy the best.” –Irelynd

“I like eating ice cream with my dad.” –Maeli

“It’s my favorite night of the year!” –Paisli

“I love that I get to spend time with my dad that I usually don’t get to spend with him because he’s at work.” –Avy

“I get to eat ice cream and dance with my Father.” –Maddie

“I get to spend time with my dad!” –Caroline

“It’s all fun…the raffles, dancing with dad, the disco ball, the songs, the flowers and the Sundaes are delicious!” –Courtney and Kensi

“I think my favorite part is to hear all the sounds associated with the night: Little groups of girls gathering talking and laughing, dads singing songs to their kids as they dance, men chatting and chuckling together as they take a break from dancing, and the ‘I love you’ that I hear being shared throughout the night. There’s just this great feeling that for a night all these men are taking a break from life to spend a little more time with their kids and just relax and have fun. I love seeing the proud looks on the girl’s faces, they are just beaming with the thought that it is their special night,” stated one mom as she watched from the sidelines as a volunteer.

It’s clear from parents and kids that the Daddy Daughter dance is a tradition that is helping to bring families closer together. What’s not to love about that? It sounds like it’s a tradition that will be kept for many years to come.  The PTO has done a great job providing the arena for this event by making it affordable and fun. The money they raise will go to help fund projects, provide for classroom needs and sponsor field trips for the kids at Morgan Elementary School.  At this time, there are rumors of a mom and son night coming this spring so that they can get in on the fun too.  Keep your ears open to find out more.


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