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Morgan Valley Christian Church Celebrates 35 Years


On behalf of the congregation at Morgan Valley Christian Church (MVCC) in Peterson I would like to thank the residents in Morgan County and beyond for your support these past 35 years.  This year marks a new chapter at MVCC with the retirement of Pastor Fran Holm who served and loved the church for 25 years turning the ministry over to me, another lay pastor.

MVCC opened its doors 35 years ago based on the vision of Harley D. Hunt, former pastor of Clearfield Community Church, to plant a community church in Morgan County that would provide a place for people of multiple denominations to gather and worship in community.  That vision continues to this day with members whose faith backgrounds include American Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Dutch Reformed Church, LDS, and other affiliations.  Everyone is welcome in this little community church.

My wife Jenny and I as well as our daughter Cagney found a welcoming family at MVCC when we moved to Peterson in the mid 1990s, even though we had not been active church members most of our lives.  This enhanced the welcome and friendship we encountered from many in Morgan County as we sought to fit into the community.  We have seen that same welcome and friendship extended to the church and we thank the community for its continued support.

A wise Trappist monk at the Abbey of the Holy Trinity monastery in Huntsville when questioned how long the monastery could survive replied, “there is our plan, and then there is God’s plan.”  As God’s plan would have it, we only lived in Peterson for nine years, then moved to Huntsville for eleven years. Then that plan took us to Salt Lake City two years ago to improve our ability to support our six-year-old special needs granddaughter.  But, we have faithfully stayed and supported our MVCC family in Peterson and will continue to do so as long as God’s plan allows.

I recently watched a talk online by a person who asked her friends to send three prayer requests to be shared with a medium in Brazil she was planning to meet to try to find God.  Word spread, and she found herself inundated with e-mails from all walks of life.  What she found was that the requests consistently had three themes; requests for health, happiness, and love either for themselves or someone else.  Also, a common request was that she tell no one they had these needs.  The more we are afraid that we will be seen as weak and different, the more God works to show we are the same even if we can’t see it.

I extend a welcoming hand to you.  You are welcome to come and see what we are about.  We’re not formal, or fancy, or perfect.  We set aside dress standards and come as we are.  We worship the only one who was perfect.  We are part contemporary and part traditional.  We acknowledge our imperfections and find healing for our traumas and struggles in life.  We try to model ourselves in his simple, authentic, and scandalous way that above all we love our God and second love our neighbor as our God has loved us.  We find joy in sharing our journey with you, regardless of whether you attend MVCC or not for we are all on the same journey.  Thank you for sharing your loving community with us.

Grace and Peace,

Fred Smullin, Pastor


Worship service each Sunday at 10:30 AM

4500 N 3800 W Peterson, Utah 84050

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