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Morgan County Extension Offers Gardening Classes and Workshops


With the warm weather and spring just around the corner, many of us are gearing up to get outside and start working on our yards and gardens. For the gardeners out there, or those who are dabbling in gardening, Extension is your resource this spring!

USU Extension Morgan County is offering gardening classes full of great tips and research based information during March, April and May. There is a class for every type of gardener! Classes will be located at the Morgan County Courthouse Auditorium on Thursday Afternoons.

We will kick-off in March to talk all about growing fruit trees. If you grow fruit trees or plan to grow fruit trees, this is the class for you. This class will cover how to maintain tree health, prune, prevent pests and disease, and fruit thinning and harvest.

Next in line, learn how to get on top of those pesky weeds! Our Weed Management class will offer helpful hints on weed control and basic understanding of weed development, types of weeds, and multiple options for keeping weeds out of the yard and garden.

A successful garden starts with healthy soil. Understanding the basics of soil is a key factor in gardening, and can guide gardeners in sustaining good soil health for healthy and happy plants. Our Soil and Composting class will cover soil basics to help gardeners better understand their soil and make smart decisions on amending soil as well as how to make your own backyard compost.

Is there anything better than the first ripe tomato grown in your own backyard? Join our Vegetable Gardening and Food Preservation class to learn some great tips on growing a successful vegetable garden, you’ll also get updates on food preservation, for those of you who grow one too many zucchini!

If you want to get your hands dirty and have some fun, then check out our Succulent Planters and Container Gardening workshops. Enjoy creating your own planter to take home. An instructor will be there to provide advice on design and plant care.

Handouts are provided for each class. Check out the line-up at extension.usu.edu/Morgan.

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