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Senate Passes Police Quota Prohibition Bill


Salt Lake City, UT (February 21, 2018) — Today, the Utah Senate passed Senate Bill 154, which would prohibit police quotas in the state.

The following statement may be attributed to Michael Melendez, director of policy for Libertas Institute:

Police officers did not sign up to be revenue generators for their cities. A quota policy that requires them to issue a certain number of tickets, or make a minimum number of arrests, introduces injustice into the criminal justice system.

Ask the average person on the street about police quotas, and they’re likely express deep concern if not visceral opposition. The Senate’s overwhelming support shows early agreement here in the Legislature, and we look forward to working with Representatives to see Senate Bill 154 gain more traction.

Passage of this legislation would make Utah the 19th state to ban police quotas. Libertas Institute proposed the bill and conducted research in recent months to identify several jurisdictions in Utah where quotas have been or are currently in force.

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