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MHS Senior Cheerleaders, three-time state champs, cherished every moment


[Photo: Morgan High senior cheerleaders (L-R): Kiah Jones, Natalie Crowther, Abby Larsen, MaKinley Beardall, Ellie Johnson, Emma Johnson, Kenadi Bigelow.]

The seven seniors on this year’s cheerleading team will leave a big hole when they depart. Their tremendous skills and leadership abilities helped the team to three state championships in four years, including back-to-back state titles their junior and senior years.


The Sexy Seven, as they’ve been known to call themselves, are fierce competitors and great friends. They include MaKinley Beardall, Kenadi Bigelow, Natalie Crowther, Ellie Johnson, Emma Johnson, Kiah Jones, and Abby Larsen.


We caught up with the cheerleaders at the 3A state basketball tournament last week at Dixie State and got to know each of the talented seniors just a little bit better. Each of them talked about how fast their high school careers have gone and advised younger cheerleaders to enjoy every single moment, because it’s over before you know it.


“You just never think senior year’s going to come,” Emma Johnson said. “Then you blink and it’s here. Then you’re cheering at your last football game.”


Below are their answers to other questions we posed:


Position in competition routine:


Beardall: Back spot

Bigelow: Front spot

Crowther: Base

Ellie Johnson: Flyer

Emma Johnson: Mostly base, but also a flyer.

Jones: Flyer

Larsen: Back spot


Favorite school subject:


Beardall: History

Bigelow: “I love all my college classes.”

Crowther: Math or science

Ellie Johnson: English

Emma Johnson: Art

Jones: Art

Larsen: History


Favorite musician/band:


Beardall: Thomas Rhett

Bigelow: “I love all kinds of music.”

Crowther: “Don’t really have a favorite.”

Ellie Johnson: Justin Bieber

Emma Johnson: “Just all kinds of music.”

Jones: The Lumineers

Larsen: Kesha


Favorite color:


Beardall: Pink

Bigelow: Baby blue

Crowther: Orange

Ellie Johnson: Purple

Emma Johnson: Pink

Jones: Turquoise blue

Larsen: Blue


Favorite App:


Beardall: None

Bigelow: Pinterest

Crowther: Instagram

Ellie Johnson: Snapchat

Emma Johnson: Snapchat

Jones: Instagram or Snapchat

Larsen: Snapchat


Favorite Netflix series:


Beardall: New Girl

Bigelow: Friends

Crowther: None

Ellie Johnson: “I don’t watch TV.”

Emma Johnson: Friends

Jones: Grey’s Anatomy

Larsen: The Office


Favorite sport to cheer for:


Beardall: Basketball

Bigelow: Football or volleyball

Crowther: Football

Ellie Johnson: Football

Emma Johnson: Football

Jones: “Football for sure.”

Larsen: Football


Hardest thing about cheer:


Beardall: “Having to please everyone all the time (not the team).”

Bigelow: “Being in front of a crowd is the hardest thing for me. It’s hard to put yourself out there and have all eyes on you and get critiqued all the time.”

Crowther: “At the end of the year, there’s a lot of time put in and a lot of hours. It’s hard to stay with it, but it’s worth it.”

Ellie Johnson: “Probably learning new routines and trying to get them perfect and get everyone in sync.”

Emma Johnson: “Probably how time-consuming it is.”

Jones: “It’s frustrating when people don’t realize how much work we put into it.”

Larsen: “Probably the endless practices.”


Why cheer?


Beardall: “I was always involved in cheer and tumbling and wanted to be involved in high school.”

Bigelow: “I wasn’t really the outgoing type and it was just kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision.”

Crowther: “I always wanted to be a cheerleader and I looked up to a lot of the cheerleaders, so I wanted to follow in their footsteps.”

Ellie Johnson: “It was a good opportunity to get close with a bunch of girls, and I always loved cheering and tumbling.”

Emma Johnson: “I danced and tumbled since I was little, so it was just kind of natural to choose cheer.”

Jones: “I just wanted to be involved in school somehow and I wasn’t really athletic, but once we won state, I grew a passion for it.”

Larsen: “Growing up, my mom always had me in tumbling and different dance classes. In seventh grade, I started doing volleyball, so I had to choose. I’ve always loved tumbling and cheer, so I just couldn’t give it up.”


Favorite cheerleading memory:


Beardall: “Going to St. George for senior retreat this year.”

Bigelow: “Taking state my senior year with my best friends. It was a perfect way to end it.”

Crowther: “Our three state championships.”

Ellie Johnson: “Going to St. George with the Sexy Seven seniors.”

Emma Johnson: “Just being with the team. I’ve loved bus rides with the team; singing at the top of our lungs and telling jokes.”

Jones: “When we were in Disneyworld last year and we were the only ones in the park. It was 12:00 at night and the castle was all lit up and music was playing and we were all dancing as a team.”

Larsen: “Winning state this year. We had so many injuries and there were so many extra practices put into it. That success made it all worth it.”


What’s next for you?


Beardall: “Continue in my cosmetology program and hopefully graduate from that this August. After that just be super successful.”

Bigelow: “I’m currently a CNA and I plan to continue that and become a nurse.”

Crowther: I’m going on a humanitarian trip to Fiji in the summer for six weeks. And then after that, college.”

Ellie Johnson: “I’m planning on going on an LDS mission and then going to Utah State and possibly trying out for cheer there.”

Emma Johnson: “I’m thinking Utah State in the fall, possibly trying out for cheer in the spring.”

Jones: “I’m going to Utah State in the fall, and then, who knows?”

Larsen: “Attend college at either Utah State or the U, and go into business.”

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