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Utah P.I. Turns Book Author


At the age of eight, Scott Fulmer discovered the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes in his school library and his career choice was set. In a thrilling private eye career spanning almost three decades, Fulmer has unraveled intrigues, busted employee theft and recovered runaways. His true-life cases have run the gamut from workers comp to fraud and murder. He’s investigated human smuggling, cheating spouses, trademark infringement and even members of the George Bush administration.

In his new book, Confessions of a Private Eye, Fulmer describes in breathtaking detail his investigations and daring challenges. One of the investigations takes place in Morgan. Here is our Q&A with the author:


  1. Can you give us some details about the investigation in Morgan? 


“The book describes many different types of investigations I have handled.  The investigation in Morgan is regarding a man who left his wife for a much younger woman.  In the ensuing mess the jilted wife returned to the house one day to get her belongings and ended up assaulting the new wife.  She ended up going to jail for the assault.  I conducted an investigation and discovered that things did not happen as first believed.  I found exculpatory evidence and was able to get her out of jail.  It’s a lot sexier in my book! (all the names, dates and other details have been changed for privacy issues.)” – Scott

  1. What made you want to write this book?   


“During my almost 30 years as a private investigator I’ve dealt with so many strange and crazy investigations that I always talked about writing a book called, “You can’t make this stuff up.”  I also began blogging about my work.  It naturally flowed from there to writing a book about my experiences.  It’s been rather cathartic.” – Scott

  1. What’s the one thing you want people to know about crooks?


“Probably that nothing happens in a vacuum.  People do bad things for a variety of reasons, some of which, seem good at the time.  Also, that folks who normally would not shoplift or park in a handicapped parking spot for convenience will, nevertheless, commit fraud for their own benefit.” – Scott


  1. How many pages is the book and what’s the violence level?


“256 trade paperback.  In terms of violence, there’s little to none.  The bigger issue is that I describe several cases I have worked involving sexual abuse.  I do not describe them in a sordid or lurid manner.  It’s explained in a frank way.  I would think it would be suitable for an older high school student and on up.”


Scott is currently a licensed Utah private investigator and the principal at Fulmer, P.I., a boutique private investigation firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He resides somewhere along the Wasatch Front with his wife Valerie, also a licensed private investigator. Confessions of a Private Eye is Fulmer’s first book and can be found on Amazon.com

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