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“Do You Appreciate the Birds of Prey?”


By Evan Dennis, 
student writer

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines foundation as, “A body or ground upon which something is built up or overlaid.” Sara Lealos is a part of the community of Morgan. While not the most influential person in the county, she is a building block to its foundation. Each faulty brick in a foundation can cause the building or structure that it is supporting to collapse. Sara is no different. She is an essential part of Morgan and makes it a better place to live, and if she were to be “faulty” then Morgan could not function as well as it does. Born in Alaska, Sara was raised with a sense of adventure. That sense of adventure has led her to travel the world. She enjoys collecting interesting antiques from the places she visits, especially Eastern Europe.

Sara Alyce Lealos was born in Soldotna, Alaska at the Central Peninsula Hospital in the year 1979. She was the third child in the family of six. She has three brothers and two sisters. When she was twelve years old, she began her career babysitting as many people do. The same year she moved from Soldotna, Alaska to Great Falls, Montana. When she was 17, she became a mortgage processor and in the same year dropped out of high school to graduate with a GED instead of a diploma. When she was twenty, she moved to Utah and worked for Continental Airlines as a reservation agent. During her eleven years at Continental, she has become an avid traveler especially in Eastern Europe. She filled two passports completely. When she was thirty, she began working for the State in the Department of Agriculture.  She now works for the Utah Department of Health and within the last three years has become a homeowner. She is actively trying to make her house feel “more like home,” as she stated in our interview.

As mentioned above she is a “world traveler,” traveling to two continents other than North America. She visited Africa, more specifically, Cameroon and South Africa. In Cameroon, she found it odd that as they drove through the country, many of the natives had never seen anything but black skin, and so the pale white skin was curiosity to them. In South Africa, she visited Robben Island, the prison in which Nelson Mandela spent most of his time, and she bought me a cool set of wooden elephants during her visit

She has not just been limited to Africa however, in Europe; she has been to Germany and Hungary twenty to thirty times each and has driven across Eastern Europe several times. In Germany, she visited Burg Guttenberg, a castle, with her friend Chris. The castle has been popularized due to its bird of prey show. Sara has a terrible phobia of birds. After going on a wonderful tour of the castle, she was confronted by her worst fear, as during the show, an owl flew overhead with its wings hitting her head as it swooped down. While still afraid of birds, she could not help but admire the birds of prey and asked Chris, “Do you appreciate the birds of prey?” He still chastises her to this day for the odd comment.

Sara did not just travel to Germany and Hungary that many times as a vacation. She and her previously mentioned friend Chris run an antiquing “operation” in which they go to countries like Germany and Hungary every other month and collect what are considered “farmhouse antiques.” Farmhouse antiques are things like old wooden rakes, pitchforks, large horse drawn wagons, and many other items that you may find in a barn in Germany. The antiques are then shipped to the U.S. in large 40-foot containers. As soon as the container are received, a truck takes them to a nearby parking lot and have container sells, in which most of the antiques are sold on the spot. The rest of the collection is then taken to a flea market and sold. Sara has actually been on television before and was previously on Netflix before the series Flea Market Flip was taken off the streaming service. It is a show where contestants buy items found at flea markets and innovate them to create some new piece of furniture. She “starred” in episode 2/13, “Mother-Daughter Showdown,” a glorified five minutes of fame. She is still not as famous as she paints herself to be. Sadly, since her employment with the state, she no longer has much time to visit countries like Hungary and Germany, but would love to return. Sara has an interesting and odd personality, but that is what makes her unique, and strong. She is a building block to Morgan and its sense of community and makes not just the town itself but the county a more enjoyable place to live and play. Her journeys to faraway places, and the stories that come from them, are all strangely comical and foster feelings of happiness and ease. Her knowledge and ideas have sprung from different environments make Morgan a more pleasant place to be. Sara is truly a role model to me because no matter what the situation, she finds a way to make it not just better, but truly enjoyable. She does not let the world shape her. She shapes her world.

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