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Sofa Dumped in Weber River


[Video of sofa dumped in Weber River – March 12th, 2018]

Morgan County News received an anonymous tip from concerned citizens about people using the Weber River as a dumping site for used furniture. They asked us to investigate the issue. We found a used sofa dumped in the Weber River near the Taggart interchange (Exit 108) on I-84, south of Sharps Hollow. Unfortunately, according to the concerned citizens, this is not the first time there has been heavy dumping in this particular spot. “They are unloading furniture into the river,” they said. “We want to keep this area clean for everyone. Why are they purposefully dumping furniture into the river?” The concerned citizens are asking the County to post a ‘no dumping’ sign at the site, to make it more difficult to dump at that spot, and to increase patrols of the area.  .

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