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The story of the painted library mural


by Erin Bott

The library mural was originally painted fifteen years ago by Randy Peay as his Eagle project. He was assisted with the project by the Morgan High School art club.

The forest scene was inspired by a children’s picture book. This provides a perfect backdrop for the many children’s stories about nature, animals, seasons, and even fairy tales. The mural has been a wonderful addition to the Children’s section, but, after many years, it was starting to show some wear.

In November of 2017, the Friends of the Library offered to sponsor a restoration. They commissioned artist Bambi Silva (of Roy) to restore and enhance the existing mural. Bambi reimagined the mural as a daylight forest scene, rather than the nighttime scene that was originally painted. She brightened the mural by adding rolling hills of green trees and white Aspens to the background.

The children have been delighted with the addition of many animals. The new mural has been enthusiastically received by our patrons and has succeeded in making our children’s section even more cozy and inviting.  We are VERY grateful to the Friends of the Library for suggesting and sponsoring this project!

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