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District Office Building Change


For decades the district offices have been in one building, fighting to keep up with the infrastructure of the ever-growing community. With the growth of the district size it could be time for some changes. The current office space doesn’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act aka ADA standards. Superintendent Doug Jacobs is concerned district office employees don’t have room for privacy or break areas. The technology center needs to have a permanent home but finding a cost-effective solution has not been an easy discussion.

The idea of building a brand-new office building and all that would entail would be at least a million-dollar job. But Jacobs and the school board are discussing a new solution, at a fraction of the cost.

Turning the K5 Annex building, at Morgan Middle School, into the new district offices could prove a viable solution to a looming problem. The building is large enough to provide offices and more.

Benefits of using the Annex included ADA approved bathrooms and doorways; space for up to 5 offices, board room, technology center, and storage rooms.

There would be some work still needed to create the new offices in the annex. Asbestos checks must be completed in the hallways, counters and parts of the bathrooms will be pulled out, and basic cosmetic improvements would be needed before the offices could be moved.

If approved, the drama classes would need to be reassigned to new classrooms. The idea of bringing portable classrooms to accommodate the extra space needs is being discussed until Mountain Green Middle School is complete. The Student Remedial Center (SRC) has been moved already, freeing up another classroom for use.

One of the most appealing aspects to the proposed idea is the technology center. Using modular spaces for the center means a lot of extra work every time the center is moved. If the technology center is moved once to the new office building it will free up time and access for district needs.

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