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Student Safety Number One Concern with School Board


The tragic school shooting in Florida has been a concern for parents, teachers, districts, and students across the country. Students should always feel safe when they enter the walls of their school, and the Morgan School Board has been working to make sure this happens.

Morgan School board has taken the initiative to form a safety committee. Starting next month, the safety committee will meet one Thursday a month to discuss safety issues. School principals will invite a member of their school leadership to attend the committee meetings. All aspects of safety will be covered, but some of the main concerns to be discussed involve how to plan for events where parents and guardians must pick up their student from the schools after an emergency.

“Getting kids safely to their legal parent can be a complicated thing. These issues will be covered,” Superintendent Doug Jacobs said.

The safety committee will work hand in hand with the food service program to discuss food and water during an emergency and making sure kids are able to access such things in the event of an emergency, or lock down.

The safety committee is also inclined to work with school counselors to be readily available for students during traumatic situations to meet the emotional needs and concerns of anyone in need of such help.

Another safety concern for high school students involves crossing the street from the high school to the seminary building. With construction blocking the main entrance students are asked to walk alongside the street in front of the school in a marked path. However, most students are not walking in designated walk areas which is a concern for administrators.

The school board has discussed adding a different temporary walkway for students to use to stay clear of traffic and give more options for students when crossing the street. The construction around the high school is likely to stay open until June, so for the remainder of the year students will be dodging heavy machinery and torn up asphalt. Safety of students is the number one priority during and around construction areas. Board member Gaylene Adams urged members and administrators to “hang on” through this construction time.

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