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Community Spotlight – Lyletta Searle


By Brianna Searle, Student Writer

Lyletta Searle is the most loving, caring, and helpful person you’ll ever meet. She comes from a family of two sisters, one brother, and her parents. She was born and raised in Illinois, in the heart of country. Ever since growing up, the small town feel has had a hold of her heart, and she has never wanted to leave a small town. Family is the center of her world and she wouldn’t change that for anything.  Lyletta loves to cheer on, and support her grandkids more than anything. And the community that surrounds her is something she would’ve never experienced if she hadn’t moved here. The support they show her has got her to where she is now.

Growing up hasn’t always been the easiest for her. She married her loving and supportive husband, Max, who took her straight into the Navy life. They then had two kids, Ken and Robyn, and loved them dearly. They raised them in the Navy, which required them to move a lot. In doing this, they visited almost every single state, spending about 6 years in at least one state. Moving was very hard at times, but it helped them make some of their favorite memories. Lyletta tried to keep her kids involved in as much as she could through all the times they had moved. Living the Navy life wasn’t the easiest thing to live by, but has given them a better appreciation of those that serve. Max served in the Navy for twenty years before retiring. He chose to retire so he could watch his own kids grow up and watch them live their lives. In December of 2001, Max passed away. His passing has been the most challenging thing in her life.

Spending as much time with her family and grandkids is her most cherished thing. Lyletta is a big part of her grandkids lives, and they wouldn’t ever want to change that. She loves to support them in all the academics they do. She is their biggest fan. Growing up as her granddaughter, we have spent a lot of time together. We have done many campouts as a family, learning and loving more about each other. As long as I can remember, we always had Christmas Eve at her house. She makes the best breakfast, and that’s what she makes every year. She will also take us before Christmas to get pajamas. Just being around her family makes her happiest.

When she moved here, the population was only 5,200. There were only two grocery stores, and the elementary school was being built. A lot can change after living here for 41 years. By far, her favorite thing about living in Morgan is the chance she has to watch the sunrise every morning from her window. She loves the peace it gives her and the feelings she gets from it. The community she lives in and the support and love they give her is something she would never change. They are so helpful and supportive, she is very thankful for them. As much as everyone loves her, she loves them more than they would even know. She will take dinners to anyone, help with anything, and will put others in front of herself every time.

One of her favorite hobbies has always been sewing, which has helped her make many quilts and blankets for those in need. She was asked to help with the Morgan County Fair Quilt Auction. Singing has always and will always be one of her greatest talents. She has an amazing voice and has loved to sing in many of Morgan’s choirs. In the past 19 years, she has held community block parties. Everyone is invited and you get together to talk and have food. This is held once a year, and the community looks forward to it every year.

Lyletta is a very loving person and will drop what she is doing to help anyone. She absolutely adores every single person that lives here. They have all been so helpful and so appreciative of all her hard work toward the community. She appreciates the love everyone has for each other, and that everyone has one another’s backs. The people that surround her is something she will never want to change, and is what makes her not want to leave. Family is the absolute number one thing in her life. She wouldn’t be where she is now without the support and love they give to her. Living in Morgan is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to Lyletta.

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