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[Photo: Matthew Garn, Morgan County Republican Party Secretary, stands in front of neighborhood caucus at Mountain Green Elementary.]

The Morgan County Republican Party held their caucus on Tuesday, March 20th at 7pm at Mountain Green Elementary. The school was divided into precinct rooms and citizens were guided into their particular precinct to vote for their precinct’s chair, vice chair, secretary and for their state and county delegates who will go on to the state and county conventions.

“It’s a great opportunity for the neighborhood to get together to vote for the delegates,” said Matthew Garn Republican Party Secretary. “It’s a grassroots effort for the community to get together and to really make their voice heard.”

When questioned if the caucus process actually matters, Garn said in reply, “You have more of a voice here in a caucus than any place else, because there is a smaller group of people coming together and you have a chance to stand up to make your specific voice known. Here you’re one of ten, twenty, maybe a hundred, so you can make a difference. This is the most basic piece of representative government.”

The public can find out more about the caucus process by visiting KeepMyVoice.org, which advocates for neighborhood elections that give everyone a representative voice, removes money as the dominant factor in politics, and holds elected officials accountable.

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