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Property Taxes in Morgan County Offer Big ‘Bang for Buck’


By Rhiannon Hartvigsen | Staff Writer

A recent study by SmartAsset found that Morgan County offers residents the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to property taxes, school quality, and low crime rates. Out of the top ten counties in the state, Morgan ranked number one with an overall rating of  95.74. The rating is based on three primary factors:  property tax rate, crime rates, and school ratings.

School quality was evaluated by calculating average proficiencies for math and language arts. Based on this formula, Morgan County schools are some of the highest ranked in the state, with only Cache and Iron counties rating higher. Morgan schools scored a 9 out of 10 with 10 being the best. Former student Tim Wright says, “I loved going to Morgan schools. There were opportunities to try new experiences ranging from sports, music, and athletics. I was supported by my teachers who took time to make sure I excelled in the areas I wanted to. Not only that, I found that some of my classes in high school were harder than many of the same classes in college. They truly prepared me for my future goals and aspirations.” Obviously, Morgan county is doing something right when it comes to creating quality schools including a recent high school addition to accommodate the growing number of students.

The crime rate is calculated based on the number of violent crimes and property crimes in the county. According to their findings, the crime rate is 418 crimes for every 100,000 residents. Their findings are consistent with other sources such as areavibes.com, which lists Morgan as being 71% safer than most cities in the US. In addition, the county’s crime rate is 48% lower than the national average. Local resident, Lindsey Nelson says “I like that it still has that small town feel with the parades, 4th of July days and that it is a pretty close community.”

In the study Morgan has an overall value index of 95.74.  Other counties in the top five were Sanpete at 89.22, Cache at 88.99, Millard at 84.31, and Emery at 84.24.

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