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Sports – My (Semi) Formal Introduction


By Jesse Rindlesbach | Sports Writer

For me, the Morgan Valley has alway been a place for family. I grew up coming here on the weekends and holidays to work around with my family, pushing dirt with tractors, pulling out dead trees, and, of course, building forts. It was a great place to foster my imagination.

I studied english and writing at the University of Utah and interned with a sports website covering the Utes for a good portion of my stint there. I may land on the red side of the Holy War, but I do have diehard family members who are blue through and through. But, there’s one thing that bring us together and that’s the Utah Jazz.

Growing up in the Stockton to Malone era formed my life long love of sports. The one thing I’ve never really fully experienced, though, is high school sports. While attending Brighton High School, I went to a small hand full football and basketball games, but never really got into my school’s sports. I was too busy on my skateboard. Nowadays, I still skate around a little, but mostly I rock climb and road bike.

I am excited to fully immerse myself in covering the Morgan High Trojans and to get to know the sports community here. Student athletes give everything they have and I look forward to bringing the readers all the great stories that are out there and giving recognition to these hard working students. Whether it be state championships, rivalry meets, and everything in between, there’s always a story to tell and I’m excited to have the opportunity to tell them.

If you know of a great sports story coming up and would like to tell me about it you can contact me by email at jjrindy23@yahoo.com

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