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Sterling Scholar – Olivia Eriksson


Olivia Eriksson, daughter of Ryan and Heidi Eriksson, has loved music and singing since she was in second grade.  She said, “My grandpa used to play the guitar and sing to me before he passed away.”  Now the Vocal Performance Sterling Scholar, Eriksson has continued an admirable legacy and demonstrated a wide variety of both academic and musical achievements that deem her worthy of this honor.

Eriksson said she loves music because “It allows me to develop part of myself and put it out there for others to enjoy.”  Overcoming stage fright and developing confidence in herself have also been a part of the years she has spent nurturing her talent, according to Eriksson.  Now, she plays the guitar, teaches guitar lessons, writes songs, and participates in choir and musicals at the high school.

As well as her musical involvement, Eriksson has participated in extracurricular activities such as the National Honor Society and track.  She also is serving as the Senior Class Secretary and is on the seminary council.  Eriksson is attending Brigham Young University in the fall to pursue a Media Art Studies major and a future career in design.

Eriksson enjoys art, music, and the “great outdoors”.  She is also an adventurous person who is not afraid to take risks, due to her love for trying new things.  When asked about any fun or memorable travel experiences, Eriksson responded that one was getting “caught in the craziest storm while mountain biking in the Tetons.”

Eriksson’s favorite quote is “Live with passion, purpose, and positivity.”  This certainly describes her life as she has sought for excellence in music, leadership, service, and academics.  The qualities of positivity and kindness that Eriksson constantly demonstrates show her desire to make a difference in the world and influence others for good.

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