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2018 Junior Prom

[Photo credit: Tiffany Jensen. (Left to Right): Sage Crowther, Morgan Johnson, Gavin Christensen, Grace Turner, Mitch Jensen, Brooke Grow, Jacob Wilkinson, Molly whoellhaf, Hayden Heywood, Emily Wilson, Chase Stephens, Amber Cloninger]

The 2018 MHS Junior Prom and Promenade were held on Saturday, March 24 with the promenade at the high school and the prom at the Copper Nickel in Ogden.  Parents, grandparents and community members relished seeing their favorite juniors all dressed up during the traditional promenade that was held in the high school auditorium.   Juniors and their dates danced the night away at the beautifully decorated Copper Nickel. Way to go Junior Class Officer and Advisors!

Faith White was crowned Jr. Prom Queen, and Isaac Larsen was chosen as King.

[Photo Credit: Mark Heiner with LifeTouch Photography. Prom Queen Faith White and Prom King Isaac Larsen]

Large group photo by Kim Turner
Flower wrists photo by Kim Turner

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