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Letter to the Editor


Dear Morgan Community,

On Wed., March 21, we held our annual “Special Olympics Volleyball Exhibition Game”  sponsored by Liz Wiscombe and her MHS volleyball team. It is hard to find words that express the emotions we felt that night as people began pouring in and filling the bleachers in the high school gym. We started with bleachers pulled out on just one side of the gym, but it was soon evident that both sides needed to be available. WOW! Living in the beautiful Morgan Valley in and of itself is such a blessing, but living among the wonderful people that live in this valley is by far the richest blessing of all.  THANK YOU MORGAN COUNTY!!! Thank you for loving our Special Friends! Thank you for helping our Special Friends feel so special and including them in your lives! Thank you for supporting us in our fund-raising effort that night – over $500 was collected! As Liz put it: “Living under the “M” is the best feeling in the world!” Northern Utah is known for the “best snow on earth”, but Morgan County is known for the “best people on earth”! We love you, Morgan County!


Coleen Russell, Angie Spens, Joleen Kearsley – Volunteers/Leadership for the Morgan Stars (Morgan County’s Special Olympics Team)


Liz Wiscombe – MHS Volleyball Coach

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