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Community Spotlight – Jeremy Belinski


By Gracie Stephenson | Student Writer

Some people stand around waiting for something amazing to happen in their lives, not recognizing all the opportunities around them.  For some, a good thing could hit them between the eyes and they would not even realize it.  While this may define some people, the person I want to highlight is quite the opposite.  For Jeremy Belinski, life is what you make of it and full of opportunities. 

Jeremy was born in Mississippi, but has moved around frequently living in 10 U.S. states and even London in the United Kingdom.  Living is different regions has taught him to love people of all types and learn life lesson from all walks of life.  His occupation involves Mergers and Acquisitions and has taken him all over the world, providing him with an abundance of experiences and memories. Jeremy received his Bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Utah.  He met his wife, Beth, at Brigham Young University during undergraduate studies and proposed to her after only three weeks of knowing her. While work has always been important to Jeremy, family is the most important aspect in life.  Beth and Jeremy have five extraordinary sons whom they teach to be exemplary young men.  Jeremy teaches his sons by sharing his experiences and lessons he has learned through his life experiences.

When not traveling around the country and world, Jeremy doubles as a seminary teacher for the local LDS seminary. For Jeremy, his world revolves around the LDS Church. He served a mission for the church that started in San Bernardino, California and end ended in San Fernando, California. His mission was a defining moment in his life because it helped shine a light on all his strengths and weaknesses and taught him the importance of serving others. From his mission experience, his life goals evolved to include always being of service to his the church, raising his sons to be strong spiritual men, and to always try to put his family first.  Additionally, his goals also included working hard to create long term wealth and stability and to spend time doing the things in life that bring happiness, including riding horses as much as possible. His religious hero is Spencer W. Kimball, whom he named one of his boys after. Interesting enough, all his other sons were also named after LDS prophets.  Jeremy is a lover of knowledge and study and spends as much time as he can bettering himself.  When asked what his dream job was, he responded “teaching ancient scripture at Brigham Young University” because he enjoys the youth, the scriptures, and he’d get to make fun of BYU professors (a University of Utah vs BYU thing). 

While Jeremy is often found wearing a suit and a tie, deep down he is a classic redneck. His favorite movie is Open Range because, “It’s a classic shoot ‘em up cowboy movie of right and wrong. Good guys and bad guys.” His favorite food is “Anything that doesn’t eat me first.” He enjoys active shooting sports, hunting, horsemanship, anything cars and motorcycles, and most surprisingly, reading. He reads thirty to forty books a year. As far as sports go,  his favorite is Ultimate Fighting Championship and his favorite fighter is B.J. Penn. But as far as high school and college sports go, he fancies wrestling a lot. His favored school is Penn State, right after the Morgan Trojans, of course. He loves showing up in a country with no plan and just fading into the culture and getting to know the locals through rubbing shoulders.

A backwoods Mississippi story he recalls from his youth goes like this.  As a fourteen year old boy, he and a friend decided it would be fun to trespass and explore on a neighboring track of property.  Everything seemed innocent and fun until the old man who owned the property opened fire on the two of them.  They ran as fast as they could and jumped on a moving train and rode it into town to safety. As they got back into town the train was moving too quickly to jump onto the gravel lining the railroad track, so they waited until they passed a pond and jumped into it.  Looking back on the rebellious kid he once was and the successful man he is now, it’s not hard to see where his hillbilly personality came from, but it is definitely still part of who he is. 

Jeremy is a unique combination of a clean shaven, hardworking, successful individual that always puts his faith and family first.  He is one of those people that can quote you a scripture then tell you a backwoods story of how he almost died or cheated death.  He claimed one of his goals was to contribute to society, and it’s safe to say he’s already done so. He’s an amazing neighbor, friend, husband, and father, who always puts others needs before his.  Above all, he’s an incredible example to anyone lucky enough to cross his path.  If you ever get the chance to visit with Jeremy, do yourself a favor and sit down and have a chat with one of the most interesting people in Morgan County.

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