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Determined Father


By Jamie Pace | Student Writer

My father, Jonathan Pace, has worked hard his whole life whether it be providing for his family, working on the farm, or being a lawyer. With all this dedication being put into these completely diverse things, he’s also made time to have fun with his family and friends. I don’t know very many lawyers who have spent their life farming. Therefore, I’ve decided to interview my father, the lawyer/farmer/pizza man. My father, Jonathan Pace, has been a farmer as long as I have known him. Jonathan and Ronald Pace, his father, started farming together in 1965, when Ronald purchased land in Hoytsville, Utah. He purchased a few sheep and pigs, and later on purchased a cow or two. While in law school, in 1992, my father and grandpa started JRON ranch and purchased the Bigler Dairy in Peterson, Utah. At one point, JRON Ranch owned over 250 cows.

Jonathan was born in a house full of kids, 5 siblings and two loving parents. When he got older he was very excited to raise a family of his own. In high school, as a student body officer, he met my mother and his wife, Christine Pace who was a proud cheerleader. They were both young, Jon only 16 and Christine, 15 years old. As they got older and graduated high school, they married in 1984. After two years of being married they had their first born son, he was such a joy to their lives that they decided to have four more children, which they adore so much and are very grateful for those blessings. He stated that he’s very proud of his “five beautiful children”. In his beautiful family, four are happily married, three have children and one still lives at home and is attending high school. He has fun with his 6 grandchildren as well.

Jon started farming when he was four years old, influenced by his father, Ron who had just bought land in Hoytsville, Utah. While traveling to the farm, Ron had told him he needed to take on a profession. He decided he would be a lawyer. While farming and working as a manager at Petersen Motors, he graduated Cum Laude from Weber State University in 1990. The next year he started law school at BYU in Provo, Utah. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from law school and purchased the Bigler Dairy in Petersen, Utah. He passed the Bar Exam after three stressful years of law school and started working as a defense attorney, primarily focusing on juvenile defense law. He then joined the law firm of Richards, Caine, Allen, and Pace in 2006. While continuing to work at the law firm he became a one-third partner in Ligori’s Pizza to give legal and financial advice to the long standing restaurant. Jon is a very hard worker and has had several jobs to keep him busy, which he enjoys and he loves having something to do. He plans to retire from law and farming in three years after his youngest daughter graduates from high school.

Several activities Jon enjoys are golfing, which has become his favorite, riding motorcycles, riding snowmobiles, vacationing, boating, and doing other water sports. He loves to golf with his two sons. He even purchased a home on the eighteenth hole of the Palmer golf course in Mesquite, Nevada. He started riding a Honda motorcycle when he was eight years old and developed an obsession with motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson hogs; he even continued his love for motorcycles after breaking his femur bone at age thirteen while riding a motorcycle. During the winter, he took up snowmobiling and loved it! His favorite places to travel to are Hawaii and Mesquite, which he thinks are both very relaxing, warm places to vacation. He also loves boating and different water sports including wake surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, and riding wave runners.

Jon is very athletic, determined, hardworking, and talented which fits with his family, work, and activities. He has worked hard his whole life and stopped only to care for his family when they need extra support from their loving father. He has had a very difficult life and things thrown at him, but never gave up. With the greatest joy, his family, by his side, he has done great things. This is my dad, Jonathan Pace’s story.

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